Happy Holidays from TorHoerman Law

The Hoermies...Postponed for 2012?

We know...it crushed us too.  But, if you give us 11 minutes of your time, we think you too will understand that sometimes life hands you lemons and when it does, you have to follow your passion.  Or something like that. 

This video got me thinking about true "leadership."  Who leads a circus?  Is it the ring leader, or is it the clown?  This question has confounded some of the greatest thinkers in history.  Socrates once dressed as a clown and posited the question to his students.  It was the one an only time that "the method" failed.  We all know that Abe Lincoln wore his characteristic hat in honor of his childhood hero, and leadership mentor, a ring leader named Horace.

So, what does it mean to lead?

According to Webster's dictionary, a leader is defined as "someone that leads".  I feel like nothing could be further from the truth.  I have learned that the lawyers at THL don't limit themselves to just being a "someone" or limiting their leadership abilities to simply "leading".

No, I have learned that these lawyers transcend Webster's dictionary.  They have literally re-defined leadership.   I am confident that you will understand what I mean by watching them show their skills in what I believe to be the true challenge of leadership - the circus.

We apologize for the Hoermies postponement.  Happy Holidays from Our Circus to Yours -

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