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Aurora Slip and Fall Lawyer

Serving Individuals Who Have Suffered a Slip and Fall Injury in Aurora, IL

Aurora Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slips and falls are the most prevalent variety of accidental personal injury. Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause (21.3%) of visits. According to the CSPC, floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year. If you are considering filing a workers’ compensation claim, you should contact an Aurora slip and fall lawyer.



Common Causes of Slip and Fall injuries in Aurora Illinois

Most Aurora slip and fall lawsuits are filed due at least in part to negligence on the part of businesses and organizations. Business owners, property owners, and construction companies have an obligation to protect individuals from slipping and falling. Some of the most common conditions leading to these accidents include:

  • A floor that is littered with debris
  • An excessively wet surface that does not include proper warning signs
  • Uneven surfaces, such as a hole or indentation in the ground
  • Construction/Working zones that fail to allow or instruct workers to take appropriate safety measures



Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Head Injuries

These accidents are the most common source of brain injuries. Some very serious head injuries produce minimal symptoms, before they develop into more severe trauma. Professional diagnosis of your slip and fall injury is crucial prior to attempting to treat the injury by yourself.

Back Injuries

The abrupt landing of a fall can fracture, herniate, or dislocate parts of the spine. The spine is what supports the body and enables our movements. Injuries to the spinal cord can cause extreme damage to the rest of the body, causing pain in the neck, head, and extremities. When left untreated, some back pain can become chronic.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can range anywhere from minor fractures to severely painful breaks that need numerous surgeries. Falls account for 87% of all fractures among people over the age of 65. Furthermore, this type of injury can also cause significant damage to the surrounding tissue. X-rays need to be taken to determine if you have broken any bones. This type of injury involves major swelling, which makes it hard to take care of without prompt medical treatment.



What Should I Do If I am Injured in a Slip and Fall in Aurora, IL

Those who have suffered personal injury from these incidents should reach out to an Aurora slip and fall lawyer. Even if you have relatively minor symptoms, you should see a doctor for an examination. Medical visits provide documentation of your injury and can increase your odds of a successful Aurora slip and fall lawsuit. Slips and falls are the primary cause of workers’ compensation claims and are the main source of occupational injury for people aged 55 years and older.



Do I Qualify for an Aurora Slip and Fall Lawsuit

If you or someone you know has suffered any injury or losses due to a slip and fall accident, you may qualify for an Aurora slip and fall lawsuit. Contact an experienced Aurora slip and fall lawyer from TorHoerman Law to discuss your legal options for free. Our team of legal experts will help make sure that you receive proper compensation for all losses and damages.



Filing an Aurora Slip and Fall Lawsuit

If you are considering filing an Aurora slip and Fall Lawsuit; you need to familiarize yourself with the civil lawsuit process. The first step of the legal process is to make a concerted effort to mitigate any potential injuries. Mitigation is essential for your personal health and also the strength of your Aurora slip and fall lawsuit. Following mitigation, you need to gather evidence that strongly supports your claim. Once you have mitigated your injuries and collected evidence, you should hire a successful personal injury attorney. Lastly, it is important to be aware of the state’s statute of limitations.



Hiring an Aurora Slip and Fall Lawyer

Constructing a successful slip and fall case is lengthy process that requires extreme attention to detail. You need to find an Aurora slip and fall lawyer who has a proven history of representing numerous victorious claims. The legal experts at TorHoerman Law are knowledgeable in slip and fall premises liability accident cases. You can feel confident that our Aurora slip and fall law firm will to fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.



TorHoerman Law 

Your Aurora slip and fall law firm. We use our extensive legal knowledge to help your Aurora slip and fall lawsuit. We will evaluate your potential claim – free of charge. The firm operates on a contingency basis, meaning we won’t get paid unless our clients are awarded compensation. Contact TorHoerman Law today at 312-313-2273 or use the chat-bot below for a free, no-obligation lawsuit consultation.


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Q: What should I do if I suffer a slip and fall injury in Aurora, IL?

A: Mitigate your injuries, report the injury, and contact an Aurora slip and fall lawyer

Q: How do you mitigate slip and fall injuries?

A: Seek proper medical treatment from a trained professional, no matter how minor the injuries may seem. Follow your doctor's orders. Do everything possible to minimize the costs associated with your injury.

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