Monsanto Lawsuit Consolidated in Eastern District of Missouri


(February 2, 2018) – Yesterday, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) decided that the similarities in a number of lawsuits involving the herbicide dicamba were enough to warrant a consolidation of the cases. The Monsanto lawsuit ha Read More »

Hospitals Combat Pharma’s Generic Drugs: If You Can’t be ‘Em, Join ‘Em


Big Pharma’s monopoly over the generic drugs industry has for years been cause for concern for U.S. hospital systems, which frequently deal with drug scarcity and manipulation of drug prices brought on by the pharmaceutical industry. Now, some Read More »

Diacetyl Gum? Lawsuit Alleges Chewing Gum Workers Were Exposed


Diacetyl Gum Causing Health Issues for Former Wm. Wigley Jr. Co. Employees Diacetyl exposure can cause many serious health afflictions, including a lung disease commonly known as “popcorn lung.” The term “popcorn lung” origina Read More »

Foods Containing Diacetyl Pose Threat to Consumers


Diacetyl is an organic compound found in foods and additives that are used for dairy flavoring. Diacetyl is also found in brown flavors, such as caramel, butterscotch, and other sweeteners. Foods containing diacetyl can be found in a variety of produ Read More »

Generic Drugs vs. Name-Brand Drugs – What’s the Difference?


What are Generic Drugs? Generic drugs are the bioequivalent of name-brand pharmaceuticals offered at a highly discounted rate. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all generic products must contain the same active ingredients as their Read More »

Barbecue Safety Tips for the Grilling Novices and Aficionados, Too


FDA Consumer Updates issued a quick guide to summer barbeque safety to avoid creating or spreading illness to your friends and family. Although seemingly basic, these are tips worth remembering.
(1) Wash your hands
You haul all the coole Read More »

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