How Much Does An Attorney Cost? Understanding Lawyer Fees


Filing a lawsuit may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it does not have to be. Before filing a lawsuit, it is important to do some background research and talk to experienced legal attorneys to find out the viability and profitability of your clai Read More »

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act & Survival Act Explained


A Guide to Wrongful Death Laws in the State of Illinois The unexpected loss of a loved one is a tragedy. The emotional pain, suffering, and grief can be difficult to bear – and if someone caused that person’s death – it can feel nearly impossib Read More »

Duty of Care & How Breach of Duty Can Lead to a Lawsuit


  What is the Duty of Care? “Duty of care” is a common term in courtrooms across the country. It’s a principle that each member of society is expected, and obligated, to uphold. Individuals, groups, and companies are required to act with a Read More »

How Can You Calculate Damages in a Personal Injury Case?


Personal injury lawsuits can help victims who have suffered physical, mental, or emotional pain due to another party’s actions. In these cases, personal injury attorneys work to earn compensation for the victims so that they can return to their liv Read More »

What is My State’s Statute of Limitations? | All 50 State SoL’s


The statute of limitations bars the amount of time that an individual or party has to take legal action after an incident has taken place, an injury has occurred, a diagnosis has been made, or an event has taken place. The statute of limitations is Read More »

What is a Mass Tort Lawsuit? A Plaintiff’s Lawyer Explains


Mass tort lawsuits are designed to help people who have been harmed by the same individual or group’s actions. They’ve played a role in taking on abusive employers, negligent drug companies, and corrupt corporations. These cases leverage collecti Read More »

Accessibility Issues Concerning Jargon and Other Esoteric Language


Businesses looking to improve safety and accessibility can learn a lot from the U.S. Navy. While writing accommodating language and equipping combat-ready forces are very different tasks, both can be guided by a simple principle — KISS. The KISS pr Read More »

What is a Class Action Lawsuit and How Do They Work ?


  The term “class action suit” is thrown around a lot. Maybe you’ve heard it in a late night TV advertisement, or you might have received a class action lawsuit notice in the mail. While many people have heard the phrase, fewer understand Read More »

Can You Sue the Government? Lawsuits Against State & Federal Agencies


  A Guide to Legal Claims Against Federal or State Agencies In 2015, 21 youth plaintiffs took on the federal government in a fight for climate action. Three years later, their case – Juliana v. United States – reached the U.S. Supreme Court Read More »

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