What is a Class Action Lawsuit and How Do They Work ?


  The term “class action suit” is thrown around a lot. Maybe you’ve heard it in a late night TV advertisement, or you might have received a class action lawsuit notice in the mail. While many people have heard the phrase, fewer understand Read More »

Can You Sue the Government? Lawsuits Against State & Federal Agencies


  A Guide to Legal Claims Against Federal or State Agencies In 2015, 21 youth plaintiffs took on the federal government in a fight for climate action. Three years later, their case – Juliana v. United States – reached the U.S. Supreme Court Read More »

What is Mitigation? How to Mitigate Injuries in a Personal Injury Lawsuit


  When dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, your attorney will likely tell you right off the bat “you should mitigate any further injury.” But, what is mitigation? How does one mitigate injury? Why is mitigating injury an import Read More »

What is a Contingency Fee? Civil Litigation Fee Agreements Explained


A contingency fee is a payment made to an attorney that is contingent upon the attorney recovering compensation for his or her client in court. This means payment for an attorney’s service only occurs when the client receives monetary gain through Read More »

What are Compensatory Damages and Punitive Damages?


In civil court, damages are the “award” or sum of money, the plaintiff receives either due to a settlement or a decision reached after a trial. This award essentially functions as compensation for the loss the plaintiff experienced, wheth Read More »

Civil Lawsuit – The Civil Litigation Process Explained In Steps


A civil lawsuit can seem complex and, for most of us, confusing. If you are involved in a civil lawsuit, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by the various steps or legal jargon. Civil lawsuits aren’t actually too hard to wrap your head around Read More »

Statute of Limitations: Guide to Statute of Limitations in Civil Litigation


Disclaimer: Statute of limitations vary state-by-state and case-by-case. This is by no means a definitive guide to the statute of limitations. The purpose of this guide is to help you better understand what statute of limitations are, how they work, Read More »

Black Box Warning – The Strongest Consumer Warning FDA Can Issue


What is a Black Box Warning Label? If your prescription medication or medical device carries a boxed warning or “black box warning” label, you may be wondering how this differs from other medication warning labels. Black box warning label Read More »

Bellwether Trial | What is the Purpose of a Bellwether Trial?


If you are involved in a consolidated lawsuit, you may be chosen to participate in a bellwether trial. Plaintiffs chosen for bellwether trials generally have strong cases and act as indicators for future decisions on cases of the same-class. If you a Read More »

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