Intragastric Balloon System – FDA Issues Safety Alert


In the United States, an estimated 160 million Americans are overweight or obese, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. The statistics are not only overwhelming but an indication that obesity is a massive, worldwide problem. W Read More »

FDA Raises Concern About Breast Implants and Cancer


As of February 1st, 2017, the FDA has received 359 reports of a rare type of breast cancer linked to breast implants. The FDA has confirmed that a malignancy of the immune system associated with breast implants has resulted in 9 deaths. Read More »

FDA Warns Doctors About Absorb Dissolving Heart Stent


Absorb is a stent made of plastic that is designed to dissolve completely over a three-year period. Recent data from two-year clinical trials reveal a much higher rate of heart problems than initially expected once the stent begins to fully dissipate Read More »

Missouri Jury Sides With Defendant in Complicated Transvaginal Mesh Case


On February 4, 2016 a Missouri jury returned a 10-2 verdict in favor of transvaginal mesh manufacturers Boston Scientific and C.R. Bard. The lawsuit was brought by Eve Sherrer, a woman who wanted a solution to mild urinary incontinence but instead fo Read More »

FDA Approval Process Called Into Question for Unsafe Practices


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently called into question the process by which many medical devices are approved through the FDA. The FDA asked the IOM to review their process for approving “moderate-risk devices” which can inclu Read More »

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