How Can a Business Get Involved in Its Community?


The local business world, much like the natural world, functions as an ecosystem. This doesn’t mean that businesses are decomposing and releasing carbon, but it does mean that individual companies operate in conjunction – and sometimes competitio Read More »

Landscaping Ideas for Creating Year-Round Privacy


  Privacy often feels like a luxury. Even on your own property. From small suburbs to big cities, home and business owners often find it difficult to find space to themselves. Whether it’s nosy neighbors or an unsightly building next door, the Read More »

America’s Growing Interest in Walkable Communities


  Exploring the Demand for More Walkable Communities A majority of Americans want to live in walkable communities. This shift in rental and real estate preferences has continued to grow, with 60 percent of Americans reporting a desire to live in Read More »

The Effects of Technological Innovations in Traffic Management


Americans are spending more time than ever stalled in traffic. While the problem continues to get worse, many urban planners are pointing to traffic management technologies as the solution. In a report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Read More »

Microplastics Found in the Placenta of Unborn Babies for the First Time


Researchers have detected microplastic particles in the placentas of unborn babies for the first time, a discovery that could mean long-term fetal developmental damage. The Guardian reported that in a study, published in Volume 46 of The Journal Envi Read More »

United States Pedestrian Deaths Numbers Hit Three-Decade High


The number of pedestrians killed in traffic has increased drastically in recent years and United States pedestrian deaths numbers hit three-decade high in 2019. A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) revealed that there were m Read More »

How to Improve Quality of Life for Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s


  Dementia refers to a range of neurodegenerative brain disorders that are often progressive and irreversible. These disorders are characterized by abnormal brain changes that cause deterioration to thinking, comprehension, memory, judgment, lan Read More »

Accessibility Issues Concerning Jargon and Other Esoteric Language


Businesses looking to improve safety and accessibility can learn a lot from the U.S. Navy. While writing accommodating language and equipping combat-ready forces are very different tasks, both can be guided by a simple principle — KISS. The KISS pr Read More »

What Effect Does Infrastructure Development Have on Economic Growth?


  Infrastructure can be defined in a number of ways depending on the policy discussion; in general, however, the term refers to longer-lived, capital-intensive systems, and facilities. These types of systems can include roads, bridges, water tre Read More »

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