East St Louis Car Accident Lawyer

East St Louis Car Accident Lawyer

Representing Car Crash Victims in East St Louis

Car Accident Lawsuits in East St Louis, IL: Your Legal Guide

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash in East St Louis, IL, you may be eligible to file an East St Louis car accident lawsuit to gain compensation for your injuries, property damages, and other losses. Contact an East St Louis car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options today.

TorHoerman Law offers free, no-obligation case consultations for all potential East St Louis car crash lawsuit clients. Contact us today to discuss your options with a member of our team.

A car crash lawyer can help you receive compensation for your losses. They’ll examine your case to see if it’s viable for a lawsuit. If it is, they may choose to represent you in the legal system. Their goal is to reach a financial settlement for you. 


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East St. Louis is a city in the Metro-East region of Southern Illinois. Despite being located in Illinois, the town is often considered a part of Greater St. Louis as it sits just beyond the Mississippi River. East St. Louis has a rich musical history with artists like Miles Davis and Tina Turner having grown up in the area. Today, East St. Louis struggles with crime and depopulation. The city has a fraction of the number of people it did 50 years ago.



East St Louis Car Accident Statistics

East St. Louis experiences higher accident rates than many other Illinois and Missouri cities. Here are some statistics for East St Louis car crashes:

  • In 2017, there were 7 fatal accidents in East St. Louis, 3 of which involving drunk drivers.
  • Accidents in East St Louis often take place on or near Interstate 55, State Street, or Mississippi Ave.
  • Fatal car crashes in East St Louis happen the most in September and January.
  • 2004 had the most fatal accidents in the last 20 years for East St Louis, with an estimated 10 deaths.
  • Excessive speed, drunk driving, and distracted driving are the most common causes of car accidents.
  • Highways are the deadliest place to drive due to having high speed limits, multiple lanes, and fewer places to stop than a regular road.
  • Injury rates have continually decreased over time in Illinois and Missouri, possibly due to improved vehicle safety.
  • 100% of car accident victims are glad they called an East St Louis car accident lawyer.



Common Car Accident Injuries in East St Louis, IL

Even though a majority of car accidents don’t cause injury, certain maladies happen more often than others. Here are some of the most frequent car crash injuries:

Psychological injuries

This includes things like PTSD, depression, or changes in personality.


Brain and head injuries

Concussions, brain trauma, or swelling in the head all count as brain and head injuries. Such afflictions may have life-lasting effects on a person.


Neck and spine injuries

Whiplash is the main perpetrator. Suddenly hitting something in your car can whip your head forward, effectively damaging your neck or even spine. Spine injuries are especially harmful as they can cause paralysis.


Broken bones

You can easily break most any bone from a car accident, such as a leg, arm, foot, or wrist.

Visit the following for additional common car accident injury information:

Most Common Car Accident Injury Information


Safety Measures to Avoid Car Accidents in East St Louis, IL

East St Louis is commonly regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in the Midwest. Their crime rate is exceptionally high. In terms of vehicle safety, the city also struggles. Crimes involving cars are problematic. Here are some precautions you can take to ensure your safety in East St Louis.

Try to drive during the day and use extra precaution at night – Car accidents are most likely to take place at night.

Be aware of your surroundings – Whether you’re walking or driving, pay attention to your environment. Getting distracted can quickly lead to an injury.

Use safe driving practices – Watch your speed, keep your oil and fuel up, and avoid road rage. 

Keep emergency resources ready – 911 is usually the first number to call during an emergency, but you should also have the phone number of family members or an East St Louis car accident lawyer.



How Can An East St Louis Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

If you’ve ever wondered what a car crash lawyer does, it’s pretty simple. Their goal is to use the details from your accident to show that you deserve money for the crash. It’s possible you’ve had to pay for medical bills or lost time at work even though the car accident wasn’t your fault, and a lawyer will help you win that money back.

An East St Louis car accident lawyer will first look at your situation to see if a settlement is possible. If it is, they may choose to take you on as a client. Then they will then gather evidence, assess all damages, and build a case. The case will aim to show that someone else caused the car accident (liability). Chances are your case will settle before ever going to trial; that is, your lawyer will communicate with the insurance companies and other parties involved to reach a settlement.

If your case makes it to trial, you and your attorney will present the evidence in hopes of receiving compensation. Fatal accidents may require you to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a loved one that was lost due to a car accident. The court will then use a percentage system to assign fault for the accident. If they determine the crash was 20% your fault, they will subtract 20% of the compensation you would have received.



What Are My Responsibilities During an East St Louis Car Accident Lawsuit?

As the plaintiff in an East St Louis car accident lawsuit, there are a few things you can during the civil lawsuit process. First, mitigate injuries. This means taking reasonably good care of your injuries. Mitigation will prevent the defendants from saying you made your injuries worse to receive more money. Next, keep all evidence that you believe may help your case. Anything that could help your East St Louis car accident lawyer learn about your situation will be useful. Finally, keep in close contact with your East St Louis car accident lawyer. They are the experts who know how the lawsuit process works. By following their instructions you can make their job easier and maximize your chances of winning the case.



How Long Will My Car Accident Lawsuit Take?

The timespan of the typical car accident case is between 6 months and 2 years. It’s important that you contact an East St Louis car accident lawyer well within the statute of limitations (2 years in Illinois). Waiting too long can extend or even nullify your case. For the most accurate estimate of how long your lawsuit will take, ask your car crash attorney.



TorHoerman Law: East St Louis Car Accident Law Firm

The attorneys at TorHoerman Law have years of experience in all types of personal injury lawsuits. We specialize in car accident cases in Missouri and Illinois. To get started on your compensation process, call us at 1-888-508-6752 to schedule a free consultation today.


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Q: What does a car crash attorney do?

A: Car crash attorneys are in charge of using the legal system to compensate you after an accident. If you're eligible, they can help you reach a settlement.

Q: How long does a car accident lawsuit take?

A: Most car accident lawsuits take six months to two years. Most cases settle before a lawsuit ever happens, in which case it will resolve sooner.

Q: Am I eligible for a car crash lawsuit?

A: The most important criteria is that you're still within the statute of limitations. Try an Instant Case Evaluation or call an East St Louis car accident law firm.

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