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East St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer: Compensation For Accidents in East St Louis, Illinois

East St. Louis is a city in St. Clair County along the Mississippi River. Despite the name, it is a separate entity from St. Louis, Missouri. Being in Southern Illinois, East St. Louis sits just south of Edwardsville. It is known for its high crime rates and continually decreasing population. It is also known for its history involving jazz and blues music. If you fall victim to a crime or suffer an injury in East St. Louis, you can benefit from calling an East St Louis personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury attorneys can win you money for injury-related losses you’ve endured. They do this by using the information you give them to make a case proving liability. If the lawsuit is successful or they settle out of court, you will receive compensation for your losses.


Overview of East St Louis, IL

East St Louis is the first city encountered when traveling from St. Louis to Illinois across the Mississippi River. It is medium-sized, with a population of around 27,000. The city has had a turbulent history involving crime, industry declines, and natural disasters. However, many notable people have come from East St Louis such as Tina Turner and Miles Davis. The town is 14 square miles in area and experiences all four seasons. They also have numerous MetroLink stations for easy transportation through the city.


History of East St Louis

The City of East St Louis was founded in 1797 following occupation by Native Americans. The town was established as a municipality in 1861 with a thriving economy, largely thanks to the resources in its neighboring St. Louis, Missouri. East St Louis went through a severe recession in 1877, causing thousands of workers to go on strike. It took years for the city to recover.

Other important events in East St Louis include the Great Cyclone of 1896 and the East St Louis riots of 1917.


East St Louis Demographics

Here are some demographics for East St Louis, Illinois:

  • 45% male, 54% female
  • Median resident age is 36, just 2 years lower than the Illinois average
  • Median household income is $20,000, more than $40,000 lower than the Illinois average
  • Population is 95% black, 2% white
  • Elevation is 405 feet
  • Less than 1% of residents are foreign-born
  • The city’s air quality is 25% lower than the Illinois average (for pollution injuries, call an East St Louis personal injury lawyer)


Things To Do in East St Louis, IL

There are plenty of interesting things that visitors can expect to do in East St Louis. From parks to restaurants to sports, East St Louis has a little bit of everything.


East St Louis Restaurants

The city has a wide mix of dining options. They have Mediterranean, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and, most notably, the classic St. Louis-style barbecue. Some of the most popular restaurants in the East St Louis area include Pappy’s Smokehouse, Young’s Chop Suey, Tasty Burgers, Medina Mediterranean Grill, Big Mama’s Barbecue Express, Kimchi Guys, Sugarfire Smoke House, Blues City Deli, The Wood Shack, and Food Lovers Grill. It’s recommended you check the hours and availability of each restaurant before going.


Parks in East St Louis, Illinois

Malcolm W Martin Memorial Park

This park is more than 30 acres in size and situated just across from the Arch. It’s more of a viewing area than a park, providing the best view of the Mississippi River as well as the largest water fountain in the country.


Jones Park

Jones Park has operated for more than 100 years in East St Louis. Today it has a water park, sports arena, fountain, lake, and benches. It is a popular fishing spot.


Ceola Davis Park.

Once a struggling piece of property, Ceola Davis Park came about when a group of female residents demanded change. They rebuilt Emerson Park into what is now Ceola Davis Park, a quaint park with a playground and other humble amenities.


For more information, visit the East St Louis Park District website.


East St Louis Museums

Katherine Dunham Museum

This museum holds hundreds of internationally imported art pieces made in Africa and the Caribbean. Pieces range from musical instruments to paintings to costumes. The museum is made in the spirit of Katherine Dunham, multimedia artist and dancer.


House of Miles East St. Louis

The House of Miles Museum honors jazz musician Miles Davis. The museum features relics from his life such as photographs and art pieces. It also functions as an intimate venue for modern jazz groups.


Laclede’s Landing Wax Museum

Every town needs a wax museum. At this facility, you can find life-size wax recreations of many famous figures.


Other Things To Do in East St Louis

This wonderful town is full of unusual attractions. For more than just food and museums, here are the miscellaneous things that make East St Louis fun:

Armour Meatpacking Plant

The meatpacking industry is integral to the history of East St Louis. This plant was once a bustling part of town, but today it is just the ruins of an older day. It’s a cool place to explore.


Cotton Belt Freight Depot

In the same vein as the Meatpacking Plant, the Depot is an abandoned factory for explorers. It has acquired art on its walls with the main piece being a giant mural. Old St. Louis County Courthouse. The Courthouse is both a political mecca and a sort of museum. Tours will give visitors a look into the history of St. Louis politics and how the region has changed over time.


East St Louis Emergency Resources

Below are the city resources you’ll find useful for emergencies or governmental affairs.

  • East St Louis Police Department: 301 Riverpark Dr, East St Louis, IL 62201
  • East St Louis Fire Department: 1700 Central Ave, East St Louis, IL 62207
  • City of East St Louis Council (Town Hall): 301 Riverpark Dr, East St Louis, IL 62201
  • Windsor Health Center (East St Louis Hospital): 100 N 8th St #238, East St Louis, IL 62201
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center of St. Clair County: 505 S 8th St, East St Louis, IL 62201


What Does An East St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury attorney’s goal is, if possible, to win their client money to compensate for injuries they’ve suffered. They have many responsibilities packed into this goal.

When you first call a lawyer, they or their legal assistant will ask some questions about your situation. They’ll need to know when the injury occurred and what has happened since then. If they think you’re owed money for your losses, they may choose to take you on as a client and start the civil lawsuit process.

Your East St Louis personal injury lawyer will gather evidence, assess damages, and make a case demonstrating liability. A large portion of personal injury cases settle out of court, but more complicated cases that involve wrongful death or premises liability, for example, may make it to trial.

If your case goes to trial, your side will try to argue that you’ve been affected by your injuries in a negative way and that you should be financially compensated for it. The damages examined may be compensatory or punitive. In Illinois, the extent to which you are at fault for the accident will be subtracted from your compensation.


How to File an East St Louis Personal Injury Lawsuit

There are things you can do as the plaintiff to help keep things on track. First, contact a lawyer well within the statute of limitations. Next, keep track of all relevant evidence: medical bills, important dates, names, and photographs will be of use to the case. Third, mitigate damages. This will prevent the defendants from arguing that you’ve let your injuries worsen to receive more money. Finally, stay in close communication with your lawyer. They are the experts who know what needs to happen in a personal injury case.


TorHoerman Law is Your East St Louis Personal Injury Law Firm

You may be eligible to receive money after being injured. The journey to compensation will require an experienced attorney, and TorHoerman Law has all the necessary skills to win a lawsuit. Call us at 1-888-508-6752 to schedule a free consultation, or try an Instant Case Evaluation online.


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