East St Louis Truck Accident Lawyer

East St Louis Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Crash Attorney for East St Louis, IL

East St Louis Truck Accident Lawyer: Turn Pain Into Compensation

East St Louis, Illinois is a medium-sized city located just past the Mississippi River when entering Illinois from Missouri. It tends to be confused with the St. Louis, MO, which faces it to the west. Despite being in Illinois, visitors can see the beautiful Gateway Arch all the way from East St Louis. The city is close to many populated areas which means road safety can be a problem. If you suffer a truck crash near East St Louis, you can benefit from calling an East St Louis truck accident lawyer.



East St Louis Truck Accident Statistics

Truck accidents aren’t as common as regular car accidents, but they’re more likely to cause injuries and to cause property damage. Here are some truck crash statistics to put things in perspective:

  • The number of fatal truck accidents nationwide has increased by around 30% in the last 10 years.
  • More than 4,000 people died in large truck accidents in 2018. Two-thirds of the fatalities were car drivers.
  • There were nearly 23,000 passenger vehicle occupant deaths in 2018.
  • Large truck crashes are the deadliest between noon and 3 PM. In contrast, non-truck crashes are the deadliest between 6 PM and 9 PM. A similar discrepancy exists for the day of the week: twice as many fatal crashes that don’t involve trucks happen on Saturdays, compared to fatal accidents that do involve trucks.
  • 45% of fatal truck crashes involve the vehicle rolling over.
  • In 2018, only 3% of large truck drivers killed in an accident had a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit.
  • It takes large trucks 30% longer on average to stop their vehicle compared to a car.
  • The only way to receive compensation is by calling an East St Louis truck accident lawyer!



Why Are Trucks Dangerous?

Whether you realize it or not, there are reasons you try to pass the truck you see on the highway. Here are some ways that trucks create a unique hazard on the road:

  • Trucks can weigh up to ten times as much as a normal vehicle. This means it takes them longer to speed up and to slow down.
  • Trucks reduce visibility for nearby drivers. Being right behind a large truck is enough to prevent a driver from seeing anything in front of them.
  • Truck drivers often drive for hours at a time, causing fatigue. Fatigue has been proven to inhibit a driver’s abilities as much as alcohol in some cases.
  • Parts of a truck can malfunction. Their tires occasionally explode, loads they’re carrying can fall off, and exhaust coming out of the truck is sometimes distracting or even toxic.
  • Trucks are hard to avoid. Their size means you have to be a little more careful when switching lanes, not to mention truck drivers can’t see you as well as you can see them. If you’ve been in accident caused by negligent lane movement, call an East St Louis truck accident lawyer.


east st louis truck accident lawyer



What Will My East St Louis Truck Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

When you call an East St Louis truck accident lawyer, they’ll look over your situation to see what options you have. If a lawsuit is viable, the civil lawsuit process will begin and your lawyer will file a claim, the first step in your East St Louis truck accident lawsuit.

Your East St Louis truck accident lawyer will gather evidence, assess damages, and begin to build a case. Their goal is to demonstrate that you aren’t liable for the accident but suffered from it anyway. Unfortunately, many trucking accidents result in fatal injuries. If an individual was killed in the trucking accident, your lawyer may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit. There are many other types of personal injury lawsuits filed on behalf of individuals who have suffered losses in an East St Louis truck accident, but who were not fatally injured. Any East St Louis trucking accident resulting in injury, damage or loss may qualify as a viable lawsuit.

Throughout the process, your lawyer will keep you informed about where the lawsuit is headed. Most truck accident cases settle out of court which means you never go to trial. If things don’t resolve out of court, the lawsuit will continue to trial. Your East St Louis truck accident lawyer will work to gain you compensation in the form of a settlement or a verdict.



What To Do To Prepare For an East St Louis Truck Accident Lawsuit

There are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth and professional lawsuit. First, mitigate damages. This means taking proper care of your injuries and other losses as soon as they arise. The defendants could claim that you, for example, purposely waited to see a doctor so that your injury would worsen and you could receive more money. Next, make sure to take legal action quickly. The statute of limitations in Illinois is two years (generally), but it’s best to call an attorney as soon as possible when all the details are still fresh. Finally, stay in close communication with your lawyer and follow their instructions. The truck accident lawsuit process requires everybody involved to cooperate, and you don’t want to be the reason that things are delayed or even canceled.



How Long Will My Truck Accident Lawsuit Take?

You can reasonably expect your East St Louis truck accident lawsuit to take between six months and two years to settle. The exact length depends on many factors, so it’s best to ask your East St Louis truck accident lawyer about your specific case. Cases that settle out of court are generally quicker than lawsuits that make it to court.



How Much Compensation Will I Receive After a Truck Accident?

When you get in a truck accident, there are certain consequences that can be assessed financially. Things like medical bills and damage to your vehicle are pretty easy to quantify, but other things like emotional damage or lost time are more difficult. One of your lawyer’s responsibilities is to make legal and financial sense of these losses. Therefore, the amount of compensation you can receive after a truck accident is unique to your situation.

If your case makes it to court, your attorney will argue that you should receive a certain amount of money. in Illinois, shared liability is deducted from your overall compensation. If the court decides that the accident was 30% your fault, then they’ll subtract 30% of the compensation you would have received. A strong case will show that the accident was not your fault so that you receive the fullest compensation.



TorHoerman Law: East St Louis Truck Accident Law Firm

It’s time for you to start moving in the right direction. A trucking lawsuit could land you the money you deserve for that costly truck accident. Call TorHoerman Law at 1-888-508-6752 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. You can also try an Instant Case Evaluation for a quick assessment of your options.


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Q: Is East St Louis dangerous?

A: East St Louis has notoriously high crime rates. Be attentive when navigating the city, especially if you're alone or driving a truck at night.

Q: What does a truck crash lawyer do?

A: Truck accident lawyers use the evidence from your crash to win you compensation. They can do this by settling out of court or filing a lawsuit.

Q: How long does truck accident lawsuit take?

A: Truck crash lawsuits usually take between six months and two years. The exact length can vary, so ask your lawyer what they expect with your specific case.

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