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Erectile Dysfunction Injection

TorHoerman Law is no longer accepting cases regarding erectile dysfunction injections. 


Erectile dysfunction injections have become a more frequent discussion in the world of treatments for male sexual dysfunction. Mentioned in radio and television advertisements worldwide, erectile dysfunction injections often promise a “proven” solution to erectile dysfunction in “one office visit.”

The treatment, called intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP), works by administering an injection of a vasodilator drug via needle directly into the penis which increases blood flow and can generate an erection. Normally, ICP treatment is prescribed by urologists only when Viagra and other oral medications or because these oral medications may put the patient at risk because of a heart condition, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

However, recent allegations against the global company Boston Medical Group have brought to light the troubling possibility that ICP treatment could result in complications such as permanent impairment after erections that lasted several hours – a medical emergency known as priapism.
Boston Medical Group, which has twenty-two clinics in the United States and another six more overseas, has already settled several cases for undisclosed amounts as well as been forced to pay a Georgian man over $9 million in damages after a DeKalb County jury returned a verdict against the company.

Erectile dysfunction injection lawsuits continue to be investigated and filed. These lawsuits claim that the treatment results in damaging prolonged erections leading to Peyronie’s disease, plaques buildup, permanent injuries, and/or significant tissue scarring.

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