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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long will this process take?

It depends on the complexity of the case.

Most litigations take 18-36 month. But some litigations can take as long as 3-4 years or more.


Q: Can I take a loan against my settlement?

Law firms cannot ethically lend money to clients.  There are services that provide loans against cases, but these loans are often subject to extremely high interest rates and unfavorable terms.

We strongly recommend that you speak with your attorney before entering into any lawsuit loan agreement.


Q: Do you take cases in Michigan?

We do not reject any cases based solely on your state of residency.

However, Michigan law prohibits lawsuits against the manufacturers of many drugs, so there are times when we cannot take cases for which pharmaceutical use and injury occurred in Michigan.

We recommend speaking with one of our attorneys about the specifics of any Michigan case.


Q: Why do I have to notify all potential heirs of this case?

State laws dictate the notification requirements for certain types of cases.  Please speak with your attorney about the requirements of your case.


Q: You don’t have an office in my state — how can you handle my case?

Our office litigates cases across the country. In states where we do not have a physical office, we often associate with co-counsel and utilize other resources to accommodate the circumstances. Location is not a limitation for us.

As for interacting with our clients, we are available by phone, email, and video-conference.  Additionally, we meet with our clients in person as their cases progress.


Q: Will you give weekly updates?

Unfortunately, there is no designated amount of time a particular case can take.

For long, more complicated cases, we typically only provide updates as they occur. More than likely, there will not be weekly updates, but we are always available by phone or e-mail to provide you with the current status of your lawsuit.


Q: Why do you want me to get my medical records — don’t you do that?

We can definitely get your medical records.

However, you can get them more quickly and less expensively than we can, so it often benefits you to get your own records.  If there are time-sensitive situations, getting your own records may be the only option.


Q: When are you going to file my case?

We will file your case after we have collected the necessary evidence in order to support your claims and we have strategically determined that it is in the best position to initiate litigation. This may be immediately or it may be after we have exhausted pre-suit settlement negotiations with the Defendant.

When we file an individual case also depends on the statute of limitations, the health of the plaintiff, particulars of the case, expenses associated with filing, and the arc of the litigation overall.


Q: Will my case go to trial?

The overwhelming majority of civil suits in the United States are resolved without a trial.  In all likelihood, yours will be, too.

Even so, our goal is to prepare our cases for trial so that we are ready and your case is in the best possible position should we need to try your case.


Q: How many cases like mine do you have?

This number varies over time, as we are regularly evaluating new cases and re-evaluating existing cases.

Our goal is to leverage the strength that comes from having multiple, similarly situated cases, as well benefit from economies of scale.  That said, we do not take so many cases that we cannot give each case the individual attention it requires.


Q: Can you give me a synopsis of how a case typically plays out?

Every case goes through the same basic process.

  1. Intake & investigation
  2. Filing of lawsuit
  3. Fact discovery
  4. Expert discovery
  5. Trial

In many cases that get through trial, there will also be an appeal.  Of course, settlement discussions can occur at any phase of litigation, and a successful settlement ends the litigation process.

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