Calling All High School Art Students – Design Artwork for the Office


At this point, we probably sound like a broken record – we have a new office! Although not a surprise to many of you, it is something we’re very proud of and excited enough to shout from the rooftop about! But, the walls in the stairwell are SO boring. Gray brick! We want to make the gray brick beautiful or at the very least, interesting. And, we want to do so by giving a great young artist the chance to express themselves, make a little bit of money, and have something to brag about for her/his portfolio.

We are offering a grant of $300 to two deserving students from the St. Louis area. One will be from the Metro-East and one will be from the St. Louis side of the river. We have assembled a board of real artists (and Tor) to decide who will be the next THL wall artists.

Submit your sketches, designs, and the reasoning behind it. No boundaries. But, have some fun.

As high school students, it is hard to find the opportunity to build your portfolio which makes it difficult to apply to art programs down the road. We realize the difficulty and want to help those talented artists create artwork they are proud of and can later, use as a reference to their impressive skills.

We are big proponents of creativity and self-expression and are very excited to have artwork on our walls while getting to know local students dreaming of being artists one day!

Do you know an up and coming artist? Share this opportunity with them.


Send Us Your Submission

Files must be less than 2MB

If you have any questions, please call our office at (618) 656-4400 or email our Marketing Manager, Lindsey Andrews at

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