Was your car title "lost in mail"?get compensated for replacement costs

Was your car title "lost in mail"?

If you paid off your loan and were told that your car title was lost in the mail, you may be eligible to participate in the lost car title class action lawsuit. Contact TorHoerman Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation.



Lenders Claim Car Titles Lost in Mail

Lenders across the country are being held accountable for losing automobile owners’ titles. When someone pays off a car loan, the lender fills out a certificate of title that releases the lien and gives that person full legal ownership of their vehicle. While this process is supposed to be straightforward, there are patterns of banks claiming owners’ titles were “lost in the mail.”

When a title transfer is lost, the owner of the vehicle has to pay for a new one through their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, attorneys are considering a lost car title lass action lawsuit, filed on  on behalf of those who were told their titles were lost. A lost automobile class action lawsuit will hold banks accountable and help car owners receive compensation for their time and money.



My Lender Lost My Car Title in the Mail – What Can I Do?

Your vehicle title is important. It shows proof of ownership and contains valuable information about your car. If your bank claims to lose your title, you need to replace it as soon as possible. After the title has been replaced, consider joining a lost automobile title class action lawsuit to get compensated for the time and money you invested in replacing your lost car title.


How to Replace a Lost Car Title

If your car title is lost, you can get a replacement at your local department of motor vehicles office. Requirements often differ state by state, but you typically need to provide proof of ownership and pay a replacement fee. It’s also likely you will need to provide your driver’s license, the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN), and personal information such as your address and social security number. For specific state instructions:

How to Replace a Lost Car Title in Illinois
How to Replace a Lost Car Title in Missouri

Contact your state’s department of motor vehicles or department of revenue for instructions on how to replace your missing car title.


Cost of Lost Car Title

The cost of a replacement car title depends on where you live.

Illinois – $50.00
Missouri -$14.50 (combined processing fee and duplicate title fee)

This figure differs state-by-state. You can contact your state’s department of revenue or department of motor vehicles to find out exactly how much it will cost to replace your lost automobile title.



Lost Car Title Class Action Lawsuit

A lost car title class action lawsuit will help affected individuals gain compensation for both lost time and money. In class action cases, the plaintiff is a group of individuals who are collectively represented by one member. This member acts as the named plaintiff and representative figurehead in the case.

The class representative will be the only person named in the lawsuit, but all class members who are involved receive equal compensation. Class action cases help leverage collective power to represent multiple people who have been affected. This is more cost and time-effective and strengthens the case against negligent lenders. Visit our frequently asked question page to learn more about class action cases and how to file a class action lawsuit.



Damages in Lost Car Title Class Action Lawsuit

Damages” refers to the amount of money a plaintiff receives because of a settlement or post-trial decision in civil court. This serves as compensation for the plaintiff’s losses.

Damages may include such costs as money spent to replace the auto title, time spent to acquire a new title, and other costs associated with replacing the title.

In a lost car title class action lawsuit, the class of plaintiffs would all be awarded equal compensation regardless of the individual plaintiffs’ specific damages. The compensation amount would be tailored to meet the mean of each plaintiff’s damages as closely as possible.



Do I Qualify for a Lost Car Title Class Action Lawsuit?

If a bank failed to pay for your title after claiming it was lost, you could be eligible to participate in a lost car title class action lawsuit. Joining will increase the likelihood that you are compensated for the costs of a new title and that banks are held responsible for their negligence. Before taking action, you will need to be able to answer the following:

  1. When did you pay off your loan?
  2. Who was the lender?
  3. How was the title mailed (if known)?
  4. Were you told it was lost?
  5. Did you end up paying for a replacement title out of pocket?

The lost car title class action lawsuit will be filed on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.



Sign Up For the Lost Auto Title Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits will be filed across the United States alleging that major banks have routinely told lendees that their car titles were lost in the mail. A successful class action lawsuit can help those whose car titles were allegedly lost win back the money they spent for a new title and additional compensation. This will also make a stronger litigation case against banks, helping to influence future consumer protections, updated regulations, and higher rates of returned titles.

At TorHoerman Law, we have an experienced team of attorneys with years of success in handling class action lawsuits. We are working to win compensation for people who were told they needed to purchase new titles due to lenders’ negligence. Contact TorHoerman Law today to sign up to join a lost car title class action lawsuit.


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