Maryland Heights Car Accident Lawyer

Maryland Heights Car Accident Lawyer

Compensation for Maryland Heights Injuries

Maryland Heights Car Accident Lawyer | Maryland Heights Car Accident Law Firm

Have you suffered injuries or financial losses resulting from a car accident in Maryland Heights, IL? You aren’t alone in your recovery process. Contact a Maryland Heights car accident lawyer for a free, no-obligation review of your case and a consultation of your legal options. You may be eligible for compensation through a Maryland Heights car accident lawsuit.

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Your Guide to Car Accidents in Maryland Heights, MO

Maryland Heights is a suburb of St. Louis located on the northern border of the county. Neighboring cities are Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, St. Charles, St. Ann, and Earth City. It has a population of 27,000 and is most commonly known for its concert venues and parks. Despite being a safe and respectable city, Maryland Heights still experiences traffic accidents quite often. Victims of car accidents in the Maryland Heights area may be eligible for compensation.

The compensation process begins by speaking with a Maryland Heights car accident lawyer. They will analyze your situation to see what legal options are available to you. If a lawsuit is in order, they will work with you to build a case. The goal of your team is to convince the courts that you should be repaid for the losses sustained in the car accident. A successful case will result in a financial compensation to cover the full costs associated with the car wreck.




Maryland Heights Car Accident Statistics

How common are car accidents? One indication is that they are a leading cause of death in the United States. Here are some additional Maryland Heights car accident statistics:

  • Maryland Heights experiences around 3 fatal accidents each year. Proportionately, this is fewer than the number Missouri experiences as a whole.
  • Crashes involving excessive speed cost the US more than $40 billion annually.
  • In 2018, the rate of pedestrians being killed by vehicles was the highest it had been in 33 years.
  • Car accidents cause 2 million drivers to suffer permanent injuries each year.
  • Those most likely to be severely hurt or killed in a backover accident are children age 5 and younger.
  • Young, male drivers are the least safe type of driver to be on the roads.
  • Around the world, an average of 3,287 people die in car accidents each day.
  • Frontal impacts account for more than half of fatal accidents, while 25% are side impacts and 25% are back impacts. For accidents like these, talk to a Maryland Heights car accident lawyer.
  • 1 in 3 people text while behind the wheel.



Dangerous Roads in Maryland Heights, MO

In general, the most dangerous roads are those with fast speed limits, multiple lanes, sharp turns, and hills. Highways are overall the most hazardous place to drive. Be especially attentive on these Maryland Heights Roads:

  • Page Ave
  • Olive Blvd
  • Lindbergh Blvd
  • Dorsett Rd
  • Highway 70
  • Highway 141
  • Highway 270



Common Causes of Car Accidents in Maryland Heights, MO

While there are many causes of traffic accidents, some are much more prominent than others. These are the top causes of car accidents:


Distracted driving

Looking at or listening to things other than the road is a deadly action. Nowadays, many distracted driving accidents are caused by cell phone use.


Excessive speed

Speed limits exist for a reason, though most drivers choose to ignore them. Speeding can easily lead to a loss of control and result in huge pileups.


Reckless driving

Just the name indicates an out-of-control driver. Reckless driving has no benefits. It may evolve from relatively benign driving habits (cutting through parking lots, not using turn signals, etc.), so it is important to maintain even the simplest good driving habits.



Precipitation, ice on the ground, and blinding sunlight are just a few of the perpetrators. Adverse weather can be very unpredictable, leading to unprepared drivers forced to react quickly. It is always helpful to check the weather before driving.


Driving under the influence

Drunk driving claims more than 10,000 lives each year. While there are many laws and campaigns against the negligent behavior, it persists as a major cause of car accidents.



Am I Eligible for a Maryland Heights Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Maryland Heights, MO, you may be wondering what your next step should be. A car accident lawsuit can be very beneficial, but is not always the best option.

Lawsuits have various requirements that exclude some accidents. For example, you must consider the statute of limitations when pursuing a lawsuit. In Missouri, this is a two-year cap on taking legal action (there are exceptions that a Maryland Heights car accident lawyer can determine).

Some lawyers will also want to make sure you have been practicing mitigation. Mitigation is taking care of your maladies so that, in a potential lawsuit, their severity of losses and injury is reasonably accurate.

To see if you meet the requirements for a lawsuit, complete an Online Case Evaluation or contact a Maryland Heights car accident law firm directly—both are free to do.



Benefits of Hiring a Maryland Heights Car Accident Lawyer

The first step in the financial recovery process is hiring a personal injury attorney. Your potential attorney will ask questions about your accident to determine what legal avenues are available to you. If the attorney believes that you have a viable claim, they will work to gain you compensation through a civil lawsuit.

Your Maryland Heights car accident lawyer has a number of responsibilities. First, they will gather and analyze the evidence you provide them. Strong forms of evidence include photos, medical bills, names, and dates. The evidence also helps them assess damages, or the ways that you were negatively impacted by the accident. This step is crucial for proving liability. The only way to receive compensation is to demonstrate that the car accident was not your fault, or at least not entirely your fault.

Your Maryland Heights car accident lawyer will not only represent you if your case goes to court, they will also navigate the complexities of the litigation process so that you can focus on what really matters – recovering from your accident.



How Much is My Maryland Heights Car Accident Claim Worth?

The value of your potential car accident settlement is unique to your situation. It is primarily determined by the severity of your injuries and other damages but can be affected by the court’s ruling. In Missouri, your compensation is reduced if the court finds that the accident was your fault to some extent. If they find you were 30% at fault, they will subtract 30% from final settlement.

For a more accurate estimate of your case value, contact a Maryland Heights car accident law firm to speak with an experienced attorney.


TorHoerman Law, Maryland Heights Car Accident Law Firm

TorHoerman Law is a personal injury law firm with decades of experience in car accident litigation. We know the difficulty of pushing forward after a traumatic event, and we tailor our services to the needs of our clients. If you are interested in filing a lawsuit, we can help. Call TorHoerman Law at 1-888-508-6752 to schedule a free consultation today.

Worried about legal fees?

TorHoerman Law operates on a contingency fee basis, so our clients do not pay any legal fees until they have been awarded compensation. No compensation. No fees. That’s our guarantee to work as hard as possible to get you the money you deserve for your accident.


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Q: What is my Maryland Heights car accident claim worth?

A: The value of your lawsuit must be assessed by an attorney. For an assessment of your damages, call a law firm or complete an online case evaluation.

Q: How long will my Maryland Heights car accident case take?

A: Car accident lawsuits tend to last between six months and two years. Not all cases are the same, although your lawyer can update you about the timeframe of your case.

Q: Does it cost money to file a Maryland Heights car accident lawsuit?

A: If you choose a lawyer who operates on a contingency fee payment system, you will not pay any legal fees unless they win your case.

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