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Controversy Surrounding Yaz FDA Advisory Panel


The original controversy surrounding the FDA’s advisory panel on the benefits and risks of Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills focused on the professional conflicts of interests of the panel members. Some members of the panel were revealed to ha Read More »

$25 Million Jury Verdict Awarded in Accutane Case


In an order entered on September 12, 2011, Judge Higbee upheld the $25 million jury verdict for Andrew McCarrell who was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as a result of his use of Accutane, the blockbuster acne drug made by Hoffman LaR Read More »

Straighten Up Brazilian Blowout!


The FDA wasted little time in taking action on a letter submitted to them in May from Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and others in Congress.
As we describe in more detail at our ChicagoLand Blog at the Injury Board Blog Network& Read More »

Who is Monitoring the Safety of Vaginal Mesh Kits?


 If medical device companies are going to use this expedited regulatory process, they should have a greater responsibility to make sure the product they take to market is safe since it did not go through normal safety channels.  Medical dev Read More »

FDA Approval Process Called Into Question for Unsafe Practices


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently called into question the process by which many medical devices are approved through the FDA. The FDA asked the IOM to review their process for approving “moderate-risk devices” which can inclu Read More »

U.S. Food & Drug Administration Warns About Multaq Safety


The F.D.A. recently issued a warning for Multaq, which is a drug used to treat abnormal heart rhythms. The drug is used by people who suffer from atrial fibrillation that lasts less than six months. The drug was approved in 2009 and approximately 241 Read More »

Barbecue Safety Tips for the Grilling Novices (and Aficionados, Too)


FDA Consumer Updates issued a quick guide to summer barbeque safety to avoid creating or spreading illness to your friends and family. Although seemingly basic, these are tips worth remembering.
(1) Wash your hands
You haul all the coole Read More »

TorHoerman Law proudly supports


TorHoerman Law proudly supports, a national nonprofit child safety organization dedicated to preventing injuries and death to children in or around motor vehicles. has been pioneering a national prevention movement sin Read More »

Hot Coffee- How One Lawsuit Catapulted Tort Reform in the U.S.


Remember the McDonald’s hot coffee case from February 1992? If you do, its likely you remember that Stella Liebeck, a 78 year-old Albuquerque woman, spilled hot coffee on herself and ended up with third-degree burns after purchasing coffee from Read More »

Brazilian Blowout under Fire by Congress


We would like to applaud the efforts this week of several members of Congress, led by Jan Schakowsky, who have written a letter to the FDA asking them to suspend the sale of the popular hair product – Brazilian Blowout. Despite the manufac Read More »

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