Police Car Hit by Driver on I-55, Car Accidents Not Uncommon in St. Louis


Police Car Hit by Driver on I-55, Car Accidents Not Uncommon in St. LouisCar accidents are not uncommon in metropolitan areas, but in St. Louis, the rates of accidents have risen. With that in mind, it is important more than ever to pay attention to your surroundings while driving. If you don’t, well, an accident can occur in the blink of an eye. That is exactly what happened in St. Louis on Monday, November 5. While working the scene of another accident on I-55, a police car was hit by another car. Two officers suffered minor injuries.

It is unclear what caused the driver to hit the police car, but the background story doesn’t necessarily matter because the significance of the story is that accidents happen, especially when roads are wet or a phone causes distractions. The takeaway from an accident that, luckily, didn’t result in serious injuries, is that we should all be aware of our surroundings at all times.

It’s no question that accidents in St. Louis are common. Between 2012 and 2014, 21.33% of Missouri’s car fatalities occurred in the St. Louis area – a staggering statistic.

Even this week, there have been reports of accidents that could have been prevented. Early Thursday morning, a construction worker was hit by a car while installing a guardrail on I-70 just east of 170 near North Hanley Road. The driver of the vehicle took off after the accident.

Last week, a multi-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck occurred on Interstate 270. Injuries are unknown at this time. Traffic was at a standstill, which often, can result in other accidents such as fender benders.

However, there are many steps that can be taken to alleviate accidents and help to protect yourself and other drivers on the road. End distracted driving by putting your phone down. Keep your eyes on the road. Obey the speed limit.  Take caution when driving through a construction zone.

If an accident has already occurred and a police officer is stopped on the side of the road, move over to allow space for the officer to do his job. If you see flashing lights, slow down. If you’re wondering what happened, don’t take the time to glance at the accident.

Driving is a responsibility, one we owe to ourselves and others, to take seriously. By taking responsibility, we can each become a part of the solution to reduce the number of accidents that occur in St. Louis on a weekly basis.

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