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We Pledge Allegiance to Local Food – Will You Join Us?


TorHoerman Law is proud to announce its partnership with Grassroots Grocery through their “corporate membership” program that will promote local sustainable food for all of our community and encourage the THL staff to eat healthy while supporting the local economy.
The Grassroots Grocery is a big step towards nutrition in an area the USDA has designated as a “food desert.” In addition to lacking in healthy options in the area, Alton IL also has limited access to transportation leaving the local community little options in terms of access to nutritious food for their family.

According to a 2012 study, over 33,000 kids live in a “food insecure” home in Madison County and THL continues to look for opportunities to assist Madison County families that have difficulty putting food on their table. In November, THL gave away 250 turkeys in the same neighborhood that Grassroots Grocery is now breaking ground and we look forward to assisting Grassroots Grocery to establish a local resource for healthy, affordable and locally made food products.

Keep up with progress on the grand opening and the final fundraising push on the Grassroots Facebook page. We also encourage anyone interested in the program to check out the Grassroots video and website. Do your part to spread word about their mission – it is one more step towards decreasing this unacceptable level of food insecurity. 

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