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Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Replacement

Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Lawsuit

What is Reverse Shoulder Replacement?

In shoulder replacement surgery, a device is surgically implanted into the shoulder to repair complex fractures, restore range of motion in a patient who suffers from rotator cuff deficiencies, and/or alleviate pain. The overall goal of the device is to improve arm movement.

Zimmer Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Replacement devices were introduced to the market in 2008. Since then, a recall of more than 3,500 products manufactured between 2008 and 2015 has been issued.

The recall of the device is due to the reports the device fractures at a much higher rate than previously indicated. The fractures may result in a corrective surgery that could increase the likelihood of serious health consequences.

The recall notice did not suggest specific instructions for patients but instead urged doctors to proceed with surgical follow-up protocols.


What are the Potential Side Effects of the Reverse Shoulder Replacement Device?

  • The fracturing of the device may lead to corrective surgery that could result in:
    • Permanent loss of shoulder function
    • Infection
    • Death


Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Lawsuit Timeline

  • December 2016 – The manufacturer, Zimmer Biomet, sent an Urgent Medical Device Recall Notice and Certificate of Acknowledgement to all customers, mostly health care providers to account for the thousands of devices used in patients between October 2008 and September 2015.
  • February 2017 – A Class I recall was issued for the Zimmer Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Humeral Tray. A Class I recall is the most serious recall issued by the FDA indicating a serious risk of severe injury or even death.


What is the First Step in Filing a Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Lawsuit?

At TorHoerman Law, we offer free no-obligation case evaluation services. If you think there is a possibility you have a potential case against Zimmer Biomet and their Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Replacement device, we would be happy to evaluate the case for free.


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