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Put your trust in TorHoerman Law and everything will work out fine for you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you did for me. I don’t look at you as lawyers, you are my friends and I have great love for you.

TorHoerman Law is very dedicated – they work very hard to get the best outcome they can. If I could tell others potential clients one thing it is that they shouldn’t believe everything they hear about lawyers. Put your trust in TorHoerman Law and everything will work out fine for you."

Robbie in Chicago, IL

Thanks Robbie – we can’t wait to come see your new home. It sounds wonderful. We will always be grateful to you for your kind words.

The communication was very good…TorHoerman Law brought stability
to my life.

I was very happy and impressed with TorHoerman Law. I know that you have many clients, but, you kept me abreast of my legal situation the entire time. The communication was very good – the attorneys and staff were professional and organized and kept in contact with me the entire time.

I am disabled, but, it’s not so bad if you have enough money to afford the tools to get around. As a result of your help, my finances are now together and I feel secure. I don’t have to worry about working or my finances anymore – I can spend my days enjoying my family and watching my grandkids grow.

TorHoerman Law brought stability to my life and I can now move on.

-Joe in Lafayette, IN

Thanks Joe – we wish you warm sunny beach filled-days! It was a pleasure working with you.

Because of all of your work, we do not have to accept our circumstances created by big corporations taking casualties with total disregard

Thank you for helping make things right. Your efforts allow us to feel like we are being compensated for our injuries. No amount of money could give me back my freedom from pain, yet, what you folks do makes it easier to swallow.

- Sherry in California

Sherry, your positive attitude and kindness makes our job worth it. It is our honor to assist you and we wish you the best in the future.

The attorneys at TorHoerman Law were there for my family.

The attorneys at TorHoerman Law were there for my family when we needed someone who understood all the legalities of insurance after a terrible car accident.  Not only that, they were there as friends - to listen to us and to understand what we were going through.  I can't thank them enough for everthing they have done and continue to do for my daughter and myself during the hardest time of our lives.

-Shannon in Iowa

Thank you Shannon.  It has been our pleasure to help you and Rina.    

TorHoerman Law helped us step by step, through everything.

Put your trust in TorHoerman Law and everything will work out fine for you.
People have to understand that they have to be an advocate for themselves and the people they love.

-Janice in NJ (daughter of client, Louise)

Janice, your words and energy are inspiring. We too are thrilled that your mother was able to help her grandchildren through college. Her legacy will live on forever through her grandchildren .

Your firm not only made enduring a difficult situation easier but we felt as if we gained an extended family in you, which has certainly made this difficult loss much easier to bear.

I would like to thank your firm for the personal and professional services you provided my family after the tragic loss of our mother.  The comfort of knowing that the horrible circumstances that led to her death will never cause another to suffer has certainly put us at peace.

-Annette "Cissie" in Alabama

Cissie, it was a pleasure to get to know you and your family - you are wonderful people.  I am so glad that our firm could help you guys through this very difficult time.  We look at our clients as extended family as well.  

Thank you for your professional assistance.

It was a long and unsure journey that in the end proved the principal reason for the case.  Thank you for your advice and assistance in my father's case.  

-Kevin in CA (father Herbert)

Kevin, we enjoyed working with you and we are glad that you were satisfied with the end result.  Please keep in touch and let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Every step of the process was explained to us and we felt very comfortable through this process.

My family recent concluded some wrongful death litigation that the Chicago office of TorHoerman Law handled for us. The attorney who represented us was Jacob Plattenberger and we can't say enough good things about how Jacob and his firm handled our case and our family’s best interest. Words that come to mind quickly are tenacity, thoroughness, detailed, sincerity, passionate, and follow through.  My family members and I could not have been more pleased and we would easily recommend Jacob and TorHoerman Law to anyone.

-Bill in Illinois

Bill - to have the trust and approval of our clients is our greatest professional reward.  It was truly our pleasure to represent your family and help you through this process.

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