[2023 Update] Tepezza Lawsuit | Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

You may be eligible to file a Tepezza Lawsuit if you or a loved one took Tepezza and subsequently suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus.

Thyroid Eye Disease Medication Linked to Permanent Hearing Loss.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit Overview

Tepezza (Teprotumumab), a medication used to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), has been linked to potentially permanent hearing loss or tinnitus in recent scientific studies.

Legal action is being strategized by our attorneys for Horizon Therapeutics’ failure to properly warn patients of potential hearing loss side effects.

Tepezza Lawsuit 2022, Tepezza Infusions linked to Hearing Loss, Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

You may be eligible to file a Tepezza Lawsuit if you or a loved one took Tepezza and subsequently suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus.

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Scientific research has shown that Tepezza infusions can result in the following hearing problems:

  • Permanent hearing loss
  • Partial hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (a condition that blocks the tubes connecting the middle ears to the upper throat)
  • Increased sensitivity to sound
  • A sensation of the ears feeling full or plugged

The first Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit was filed in late August 2022.

This lawsuit, filed by plaintiff David Weibel in the US District Court: Northern District of Illinois, alleges that the use of Tepezza to treat his Thyroid Eye Disease caused permanent hearing loss.

The complaint filed by the attorneys representing David Weibel states that Horizon Therapeutics ignored relevant safety concerns relating to hearing loss and hearing related side effects.

More Tepezza lawsuits are expected to be filed by other plaintiffs who have suffered hearing loss or tinnitus as a result of using Tepezza.

It is currently too early to tell what the average Tepezza settlement amount will be.

The allegations against the drug manufacturer, Horizon Therapeutics, are serious. Similar lawsuits have awarded significant settlements to victims.

Visit this page for Tepezza settlement news as it becomes available and the litigation develops further.

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Tepezza Lawsuit Updates

The Tepezza Lawsuit investigation is ongoing.

Several Tepezza lawsuits have been filed in state courts across the country. Our law firm is meeting with potential clients about Tepezza hearing loss claims, and we are thoroughly investigating the dangers of this drug.

If you or a loved one were administered Tepezza infusions for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) or a related condition and subsequently suffered hearing loss or other side effects, you may be eligible for a Tepezza Lawsuit.

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Our lawyers are investigating potential Tepezza lawsuits and meeting with people who have suffered hearing loss after being administered the drug.

If you or a loved one have suffered hearing loss or other related hearing problems after being administered Tepezza infusions, you may be eligible to file a legal claim.

Contact TorHoerman Law for a free consultation. You can also use the chatbot on this page to see if you qualify for a Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit.

We’re here to help.

At least 10 individuals who have suffered hearing loss from Tepezza have had their cases included in a motion filed in in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, and asking the court to consolidate the hearing loss lawsuits before one judge.

Horizon Therapeutics, the maker of Tepezza, has been accused of knowing about hearing loss risks of Tepezza, yet failing to warn about the importance of monitoring during treatment.

It is expected that more Tepezza lawsuits will be filed in the coming months, as former users discover that their hearing loss was caused by the thyroid eye disease infusion.

Horizon has objected to the call to consolidate Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits, claiming the cases will be too different to benefit from pretrial coordination.

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You can also use the chatbot on this page to find out whether you qualify for a Tepezza Lawsuit instantly.

What is Tepezza?

Tepezza is a drug used to treat Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), produced by drug manufacturer Horizon Therapeutics.

Tepezza’s “mechanism of action” is to block IGF-1R, a protein found on the surface of human cells and a key driver of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).

By doing so, symptoms of TED are reduced, such as swelling, inflammation, double vision, blurred vision and other vision problems.

Tepezza Linked to Hearing Related Side Effects

Tepezza received FDA approval in January 2020.

There were two clinical trials conducted in Europe and the United States with over 170 participants diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).

What is Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)?

Thyroid Eye Disease is an eye disorder that causes swelling and inflammation to muscles, fatty tissue and connective tissue surrounding the eyes.

Thyroid Eye Disease is an autoimmune condition:

A condition that causes a person’s immune system to attack their own body.

Graves Disease is closely related to Thyroid Eye Disease.

Graves Eye Disease is an autoimmune condition that impacts a person’s eyes, thyroid and skin.

Graves Disease can cause hyperthyroidism (production of too many thyroid hormones) or hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormones), leading to major health problems including vision damage.

How is Tepezza Administered?

Tepezza is delivered through an injection.

Tepezza infusions, completed by a healthcare provider, are given once every three weeks.

Eight total Tepezza infusions are prescribed for people suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease.

According to medical experts at Drugs.com:

The Tepezza dose is 10 milligrams per kilograms (mg/kg) for the first dose.

The following seven (7) doses are an IV infusion of 20 mg/kg given every three (3) weeks.

What are Tepezza’s Possible Side Effects?

According to the FDA, possible side effects of Tepezza include:

  • Infusion reactions
  • Worsening of inflammatory bowel disease
  • High blood sugar
  • Muscle spasms
  • Hair loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Change in taste
  • Headache

Outside of the listed side effects, there are potential hearing loss and tinnitus related side effects associated with the Thyroid Eye Disease drug.

Studies Show Potentially Permanent Hearing Damage in Tepezza Users

Research studies have found that a shocking percentage of patients who received Tepezza infusions suffered from hearing loss, tinnitus and other hearing problems.

Initial studies found that hearing related side effects only impacted around 10% of those who received Tepezza infusions.

In more recent studies, such as one published by the Endocrine Society, up to 65% of patients experienced hearing loss or hearing problems.

The hearing problems suffered by Tepezza patients are serious:

“Of the 17 patients with new hearing symptoms, four had new or worsening sensorineural hearing loss, a type of hearing loss resulting from damaged hair cells in the inner ear. Three patients had patulous eustachian tube, a disorder in which the channel that runs between the middle ear and back of the nose and throat stays open. Normally, these eustachian tubes remain closed and open only occasionally to regulate air pressure around the ear drum. After three months, symptoms of patulous eustachian tube improved, but did not completely disappear. Two patients with sensorineural hearing loss had improvement in symptoms at one and six months.”

Filing a Tepezza Lawsuit

If you or a loved one took Tepezza to treat Thyroid Eye Disease and subsequently suffered from hearing related side effects, you may be eligible to file a claim.

If you do qualify for a Tepezza Lawsuit, there are some steps our legal team recommends taking.

These steps include gathering evidence and assessing damages, both of which an experienced dangerous drug attorney can help you with.

Your Tepezza Lawyer will also guide you through the civil lawsuit process entirely.

Gathering Evidence for a Tepezza Lawsuit

Evidence is extremely important in dangerous drug lawsuits.

Lawsuits are won and lost based on the quality of evidence available, so it’s important that you retain all relevant documentation pertaining to your potential Tepezza lawsuit.

Evidence in Tepezza Lawsuits may include:

  • Medical records
  • Personal testimony on hearing loss or tinnitus
  • Proof of costs related to injuries or hearing problems
  • Medical bills and receipts, such as purchase records for hearing aids
  • Tepezza prescription information

Assessing Damages for a Tepezza Lawsuit

Damages refer to the total economic and non-economic losses incurred as a result of an injury.

In Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits, damages may include the following:

  • Medical costs and bills
  • Pain and suffering, mental health effects
  • Lost wages or income
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disability
  • Other damages

TorHoerman Law: Accepting Clients for the Tepezza Lawsuit

TorHoerman Law is investigating the Tepezza Lawsuit and strategizing the best way to seek financial compensation for people suffering from hearing related side effects of the drug.

Our law firm has decades of experience handling dangerous drug lawsuits and representing victims who have been injured at no fault of their own.

Tepezza Lawyers

If you or a loved one took Tepezza and has susbequently suffered hearing loss (permanent loss or partial loss), tinnitus, or other hearing damage, you may be eligible to file a Tepezza Lawsuit.

Contact TorHoerman Law for a free legal consultation, or use the chatbot on this page to see if you qualify to file a Tepezza Lawsuit instantly.

Our goal is to hold Horizon Pharmaceuticals liable for any hearing related problems suffered by users of the drug and seek financial compensation for victims who have suffered.

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Tepezza Lawsuit | Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

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