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Case Types We Handle
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Case Types We Handle
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The #1 Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Written By:
Tor Hoerman
Tor Hoerman

Attorney Tor Hoerman, admitted to the Illinois State Bar Association since 1995 and The Missouri Bar since 2009, specializes nationally in mass tort litigations. Locally, Tor specializes in auto accidents and a wide variety of personal injury incidents occuring in Illinois and Missouri.

This article has been written and reviewed for legal accuracy and clarity by the team of writers and attorneys at TorHoerman Law and is as accurate as possible. This content should not be taken as legal advice from an attorney. If you would like to learn more about our owner and experienced injury lawyer, Tor Hoerman, you can do so here.

TorHoerman Law does everything possible to make sure the information in this article is up to date and accurate. If you need specific legal advice about your case, contact us. This article should not be taken as advice from an attorney.

Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Representing Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

On this page, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, how catastrophic injuries occur after car accidents in Chicago, the role of a Chicago car accident lawyer, how auto accident victims can seek compensation, and much more.

A Guide to Catastrophic Injuries Resulting From Car Accidents in Chicago

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering injuries that have a permanent and devastating impact on a person’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

These types of injuries can occur due to many accidents, including construction accidents, medical malpractice, and slips and falls.

One of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries is auto accidents.

Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Bustling cities like Chicago have an increased risk of auto accidents, and understanding the potential for catastrophic injuries in car accidents is crucial.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in a car crash, the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer can make all the difference in securing fair compensation.

If you’re looking for an expert catastrophic injury lawyer in Chicago, TorHoerman Law is here to help.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys have a proven track record of successfully handling complex car accident cases and securing maximum compensation for our clients.

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that catastrophic injuries can take on an individual and their family, and we are dedicated to fighting for justice and fair compensation.

Contact TorHoerman Law for a free consultation.

You can also use the chatbot on this page to find out if you qualify for a car accident lawsuit instantly.

Table of Contents

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are severe and life-changing, often resulting in long-term or permanent disabilities or impairment.

These types of injuries significantly impact the victim’s quality of life and their ability to perform daily activities.

The National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research (NCCSIR) determines catastrophic injuries based on the nature and severity of their effects on the victim.

These include:

  • Temporary Functional Disabilities With Full Recovery: These injuries temporarily disable the victim’s ability to function normally but allow for a full recovery. Disabilities may include temporary paralysis, a broken bone, or a concussion.
  • Permanent Functional Disabilities: These injuries result in permanent impairment and limitations on daily activities. Examples of permanent functional disabilities include amputation, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury resulting in complete paralysis, and severe burns.
  • Fatalities: Fatalities are the most severe form of catastrophic injury, where the victim dies as a direct result of their injuries.

Catastrophic injuries are not limited to physical disabilities, as they can also have a significant impact on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety are common psychological effects of catastrophic injuries.

Car Accidents and Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents are a leading cause of catastrophic injuries in the United States.

USA Today reports that approximately 43,000 fatal car crashes occur every year in the country.

In Chicago, car accidents are a daily occurrence, and busy city streets can pose a significant risk to drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) reported that 115 traffic fatalities occurred in the city of Chicago in 2023.

As of February 2024, CDOT has already reported 13 traffic fatalities in the city.

These statistics show the alarming rate at which car accidents and catastrophic injuries occur in Chicago.

While common car accident victims are drivers and passengers in their motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists are also at substantial risk of severe injuries from a motor vehicle accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can result in a myriad of injuries, ranging from minor bruises to devastating, life-altering conditions.

The most common car accident injuries can include:

  • Bruises, lacerations, and contusions
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Amputations
  • Internal injuries

Bruises, Lacerations, and Contusions

Bruises, lacerations, and contusions are common injuries resulting from car accidents.

They can range from minor scrapes to deep cuts and bruises that may require medical attention.

These injuries often result from contact with the vehicle’s interior or objects outside the car.

While they may not be considered catastrophic, they can still cause significant pain and inconvenience.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries involve significant damage to the body’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

These injuries can occur in car accidents due to sudden impact or jerking motions.

Soft tissue injuries range from minor strains and sprains to more severe conditions like whiplash.

These injuries can cause long-term pain and discomfort, affecting an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen when the head experiences a sudden impact or violent motion that interrupts normal brain function.

TBIs can vary from mild concussions to severe, life-threatening conditions.

These injuries can lead to cognitive impairment, memory loss, personality changes, and other debilitating symptoms.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord can result in partial or complete paralysis, depending on the severity and location of the injury.

Spinal cord injuries can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to function, affecting their mobility and independence.

These injuries can also result in chronic pain and other long-term complications.

Severe Burns

Car accidents can also cause severe burns from contact with hot surfaces or fires.

These types of injuries can range from minor first-degree burns to life-threatening third-degree burns.

Severe burns can cause scarring, loss of sensation, disfigurement, and other permanent disabilities, often requiring extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.


In severe car accidents, amputation of limbs may occur as a direct result of the impact.

Losing a limb can have devastating physical and emotional effects on an individual.

They may require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and ongoing care for the rest of their life.

Internal Injuries

Internal organ damage, such as punctured lungs or internal bleeding, can be life-threatening and may require emergency surgical intervention.

These injuries are often not visible, making them difficult to diagnose and treat promptly.

If left untreated, they can lead to severe complications or death.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Car accidents can occur for various reasons, and in many cases, they are preventable.

Common causes of auto accidents include:

  • Negligent Driving: Negligent driving is the leading cause of car accidents.
    • A negligent driver puts himself and others at risk by disobeying traffic laws, driving recklessly, or engaging in other dangerous behaviors that impede their ability to drive safely.
  • Distracted Driving: With the rise of technology, distracted driving has become a prevalent cause of car accidents in recent years.
    • Texting or using a phone are some of the most common driving distractions.
  • Drunk Driving: Drunk driving is a criminal offense and a leading cause of fatal car accidents.
    • Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs can significantly impair a person’s ability to operate a car safely, leading to accidents.
  • Speeding and Tailgating: Exceeding the speed limit and following too closely behind another vehicle increase a driver’s chances of losing control of their car and being unable to react in time to avoid an accident.
  • Reckless Driving: Weaving in and out of traffic, ignoring traffic signals, changing lanes without signaling, and other irresponsible behaviors can cause accidents and put drivers and others at risk.
  • Drowsy or Fatigued Driving: Driving while sleepy or tired can significantly impair a driver’s judgment and reaction time, leading to accidents.
  • Vehicle Malfunctions or Defects: Sometimes, accidents occur due to vehicle malfunctions or defects such as brake failure, steering problems, or tire blowouts.
    • In these cases, the responsibility may lie with the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Poor road conditions, such as potholes or slippery roads, can also contribute to car accidents.
    • Drivers must be alert and adjust their driving accordingly in such situations.
  • Harsh Weather Conditions: Inclement weather, such as rain, snow, or ice, can make driving more challenging and increase the risk of accidents.
    • Drivers must use extra caution and adjust their speed in adverse weather conditions.

Regardless of the cause, the aftermath of a car accident resulting in catastrophic injuries can be overwhelming.

Victims who suffer serious injuries in car accidents often face mounting medical bills, loss of income due to inability to work, and emotional trauma.

Our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers can provide legal guidance and support, helping victims pursue a personal injury claim and seek compensation for their injuries and other damages.

The Role of a Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Dealing with a catastrophic injury from a car accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

A Chicago Car Accident Attorney from TorHoerman Law has the knowledge and experience to help victims through the legal process to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Our Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyers specialize in representing victims of severe accidents and have the skills and resources to build a strong case for their clients.

Our legal team can handle all aspects of a car accident claim and ensure victims receive fair compensation for their injuries.

We understand the traffic laws and legal procedures relevant for car accident cases in Chicago IL and Cook County, and have a track record of success helping injured people seek the compensation they deserve.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a car accident, a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer from TorHoerman Law may be able to help you.

Contact us for a free consultation, or use the chatbot on this page to find out if you qualify for an auto accident claim today.

Comprehensive Understanding of Medical and Legal Challenges

It is essential to have an attorney who understands the medical and legal challenges involved in a catastrophic injury case for a successful outcome.

Our attorneys often work with medical experts to accurately assess the extent of injuries, their impact on a victim’s life, and potential future medical needs.

Our lawyers understand how to present this information effectively in court to support the victim’s claim.

Compassion for the Injured and Their Families

Dealing with a catastrophic car accident injury is already a traumatic experience.

A catastrophic injury also affects the victim’s family, who must often provide care and support in addition to coping with emotional distress.

A Chicago Auto Accident Attorney from our firm not only provides legal representation but also offers empathy, compassion, and understanding during this difficult time.

We work tirelessly to help victims and their families receive the support and compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

How a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Chicago Can Help You

Dealing with a catastrophic injury can be overwhelming, but a skilled lawyer can guide you through every step of the legal process.

Our law firm provides personalized attention to each and every potential client who reaches out to us.

We make sure that any person who believes they may qualify for a car accident claim receives a thorough case evaluation and insight on their legal options.

From initial case evaluation to litigation, here’s how a dedicated attorney can assist you:

  • Case evaluation
  • Investigation
  • Negotiation
  • Litigation

Case Evaluation

An experienced car accident attorney will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine a case’s viability and identify potential avenues for compensation.

Lawyers will review the details of the accident, gather evidence, and consult with experts to understand the full extent of injuries and damages.

Our attorneys work to provide honest and transparent guidance to clients, outlining their legal options and rights.


Thorough investigations are essential to gather evidence and establish liability in a Chicago car accident claim.

Our law firm works diligently to collect medical records, accident reports, witness statements, evidence from the accident scene, and other pertinent information to build strong cases.

With our experience and resources, we can identify crucial details that may have been overlooked and use them to support the car accident victim.


Negotiating with the at-fault driver and insurance adjusters can be daunting, especially when dealing with complex catastrophic injury claims.

Our Chicago Car Accident Attorneys will negotiate with the insurance company of the other driver to secure fair settlement offers that adequately compensate victims for their injuries and losses.

We will deal with the other driver’s insurance company to ensure that clients do not accept a car accident settlement offer that does not fully cover damages.


In cases where negotiation does not conclude with a satisfactory car accident settlement, our lawyers are prepared to take their clients’ cases to court.

We advocate aggressively and passionately on behalf of our clients, presenting compelling arguments and evidence to support their claims.

Types of Car Accident Compensation

Victims of catastrophic injuries may be entitled to various forms of compensation from the responsible parties.

Forms of compensation include:

  • Medical Expenses: This compensation is for current and future medical expenses related to the accident, including hospitalization, surgeries, medication costs, rehabilitation, and ongoing care.
  • Lost Wages and Earning Potential: Victims may receive compensation for lost income due to missed work and future earning potential if they cannot return to their jobs or work in a similar capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering: These non-economic damages compensate for the physical and emotional pain the accident and injuries caused.
  • Property Damage: Victims can receive compensation to repair or replace damaged property, such as their vehicle or personal belongings.
  • Loss of Consortium: When a catastrophic injury affects a victim’s relationship with their spouse, they may be entitled to compensation for loss of companionship, affection, and support.
  • Long-Term Care Expenses: In cases where the victim requires ongoing care, they may receive compensation for future medical expenses and costs related to long-term care facilities or home health aides.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments and Household Modifications: If a catastrophic injury requires changes to the victim’s daily routine or modifications to their home, they may receive compensation for these expenses.
    • This damage may cover home renovations, assistive devices, or other necessary adjustments to accommodate the victim’s disability.
  • Wrongful Death: If the catastrophic injury results in death, family members may pursue compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and loss of companionship.
  • Punitive Damages: In some cases, the court may assign punitive damages if the at-fault party was particularly reckless, negligent, or malicious.
    • These damages aim to punish the responsible party and deter similar behavior in the future.

An experienced car accident lawyer will assess the full extent of a victim’s injuries and losses to determine the appropriate compensation to seek.

They will also ensure that their clients consider potential future medical needs and expenses when negotiating or litigating for compensation.

Choosing a Qualified and Experienced Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Selecting the right legal representation is incredibly important in catastrophic injury cases.

Qualities to look at when hiring a lawyer includes:

  • Experience: Look for a lawyer with a proven track record of successfully handling catastrophic injury cases.
    • They should thoroughly understand the law and have relevant experience litigating similar cases.
  • Expertise: Ensure that the law firm you hire has specialized knowledge and experience in catastrophic injury cases.
  • Resources: Catastrophic injury cases require extensive resources to gather evidence, consult with experts, and litigate.
    • Choose a personal injury law firm with adequate resources to support your case.
  • Communication: A good lawyer should be open and transparent about the details of your case.
    • They should provide regular updates and address any concerns or issues.
  • Compassion: Seek out a lawyer who demonstrates empathy and understanding toward you and your family’s situation.
    • Your attorney should be genuinely invested in helping you receive the compensation you deserve.
  • Reputation: Research the reputation of the law firm and its lawyers.
    • Read client reviews, ask for referrals, and inquire about their approach to handling catastrophic injury cases.

TorHoerman Law: Chicago Car Accident Lawyers

Catastrophic injuries resulting from car accidents can have life-altering consequences for victims and their families.

Having the proper legal representation can make all the difference in securing the compensation needed for recovery and rebuilding life anew.

If you or someone you love experienced catastrophic injuries in a car accident, TorHoerman Law can help.

We are a leading personal injury law firm in Chicago with a team of skilled and dedicated catastrophic injury lawyers and satisfied clients.

Trust us to fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

Contact us for a free consultation.

You can also use the chatbot on this page to find out if you qualify for a car accident lawsuit instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifies as a catastrophic injury in a Chicago car accident?

    A catastrophic injury in a Chicago car accident is defined as a severe injury that results in long-term or permanent disability, disfigurement, or a significant reduction in one’s quality of life.

    These injuries often include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, or multiple fractures.

    Victims of such injuries require extensive medical treatment, may face long-term rehabilitation, and often cannot return to their previous employment or daily activities.

  • How can a Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer assist victims of severe car accidents?

    A Chicago Catastrophic Injury Lawyer provides legal assistance to victims of severe car accidents by navigating insurance claims, negotiating with insurance companies, and ensuring that the victim receives maximum compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

    Our lawyers are experienced in handling severe injury cases and understand the long-term financial and emotional impact of catastrophic injuries on a victim and their family.

  • What are the most common causes of catastrophic injuries in Chicago car accidents?

    The most common causes of catastrophic injuries in Chicago car accidents include high-speed collisions, drunk driving incidents, head-on crashes, and accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists.

    These accidents often occur due to negligent driving behaviors such as distracted driving, failing to yield, or violating traffic laws.

    Chicago’s heavy traffic and high-speed limits also contribute to the severity of accidents that can lead to catastrophic injuries.

  • What compensation is available for catastrophic injury victims in Chicago?

    Catastrophic injury victims in Chicago can seek compensation for a variety of damages including medical expenses, both current and future, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

    Victims may also receive punitive damages if the at-fault driver’s actions were particularly reckless.

    A Chicago car accident lawyer can help ensure that all potential avenues for compensation are explored and maximized.

  • How long do I have to file a catastrophic injury claim in Chicago?

    In Chicago, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim, including catastrophic injury claims resulting from a car accident, is generally two years from the date of the accident.

    It is crucial to consult with a Chicago car accident lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is filed within this time frame to preserve your right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Written By:
Tor Hoerman

Tor Hoerman

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