9 Steps to Take After Getting Hit By a Drunk Driver


You have heard the horror stories. You have seen the ads and PSAs. You might even know someone who’s been involved in an accident with a drunk driver. By now, the dangers of driving drunk are well known. Unfortunately, alcohol-related accidents are Read More »

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act & Survival Act Explained


A Guide to Wrongful Death Laws in the State of Illinois The unexpected loss of a loved one is a tragedy. The emotional pain, suffering, and grief can be difficult to bear – and if someone caused that person’s death – it can feel nearly impossib Read More »

The Effects of Technological Innovations in Traffic Management


Americans are spending more time than ever stalled in traffic. While the problem continues to get worse, many urban planners are pointing to traffic management technologies as the solution. In a report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Read More »

Workers Killed, Others Injured, in Georgia Factory Liquid Nitrogen Leak


Local authorities and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration employees are investigating a vaporized liquid nitrogen leak at a northeast Georgia poultry plant that killed six workers last Thursday. The Associated Press reports that other Read More »

Duty of Care & How Breach of Duty Can Lead to a Lawsuit


  What is the Duty of Care? “Duty of care” is a common term in courtrooms across the country. It’s a principle that each member of society is expected, and obligated, to uphold. Individuals, groups, and companies are required to act with a Read More »

Microplastics Found in the Placenta of Unborn Babies for the First Time


Researchers have detected microplastic particles in the placentas of unborn babies for the first time, a discovery that could mean long-term fetal developmental damage. The Guardian reported that in a study, published in Volume 46 of The Journal Envi Read More »

United States Pedestrian Deaths Numbers Hit Three-Decade High


The number of pedestrians killed in traffic has increased drastically in recent years and United States pedestrian deaths numbers hit three-decade high in 2019. A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) revealed that there were m Read More »

How Can You Calculate Damages in a Personal Injury Case?


Personal injury lawsuits can help victims who have suffered physical, mental, or emotional pain due to another party’s actions. In these cases, personal injury attorneys work to earn compensation for the victims so that they can return to their liv Read More »

What is My State’s Statute of Limitations? | All 50 State SoL’s


The statute of limitations bars the amount of time that an individual or party has to take legal action after an incident has taken place, an injury has occurred, a diagnosis has been made, or an event has taken place. The statute of limitations is Read More »

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