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How to File a Lawsuit: A Comprehensive 10 Step Pre-Trial Guide


How to File a Lawsuit in 10 Steps This “How to File a Lawsuit” guide will break down the process of what needs to be accomplished to file a civil lawsuit step-by-step. This can be a complex and difficult process, so be sure to consult wit Read More »

Blood Test for Concussions? FDA Grants Approval to New Testing Method


In February 2018, the FDA approved the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator, a blood test that can detect concussions. The Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator (BBTI) will detect concussions by analyzing the proteins in the patient’s blood. With a reported 9 Read More »

What are Compensatory Damages and Punitive Damages?


In civil court, damages are the “award” or sum of money, the plaintiff receives during either due to a settlement or a decision reached after a trial. This award essentially functions as compensation for the loss the plaintiff experienced Read More »

Golf Cart Injury – Do Golf Carts Pose Risk to Children?


With warm weather approaching, we all begin to brainstorm our list of outdoor activities to partake in. From a cabin in the woods to the golf course, golf carts are a popular and efficient way to get around on beautiful days. Often considered safe an Read More »

Basketball Personal Injury and Avoiding the Bench


As March Madness picks up, basketball personal injury falls into the spotlight. If March Madness inspires you to hit the courts, we encourage you to read up on these common but often preventable basketball-related personal injuries. An incredibly com Read More »

Civil Lawsuit – The Civil Litigation Process Explained In Steps


A civil lawsuit can seem complex and, for most of us, confusing. If you are involved in a civil lawsuit, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by the various steps or the legal jargon. Civil lawsuits aren’t actually too hard to wrap your head ar Read More »

10 Cyclist Safety Tips From a Bicycle Accident Lawyer


Amongst more than 200 new laws implemented by the Illinois state government that took effect on January 1st, HB 2895 named cycling the state’s official exercise. With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s just a matter of time before two-wh Read More »

Statue of Limitations: A General Guide to the SoL


Disclaimer: Statute of limitations vary state-by-state and case-by-case. This is by no means a definitive guide to the statute of limitations. The purpose of this guide is to help you better understand what statute of limitations are, how they work, Read More »

8 Icy Weather Safety Tips from Slip and Fall Lawyers Edwardsville IL


It’s been in the high 30’s the past few days, and compared to the last couple of weeks, that’s warm in Edwardsville, IL. But of course, the warmth will only last for a short time and this weekend, we will be thrust back into single-digit temper Read More »

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