The Illinois Wrongful Death Act & Survival Act Explained


A Guide to Wrongful Death Laws in the State of Illinois The unexpected loss of a loved one is a tragedy. The emotional pain, suffering, and grief can be difficult to bear – and if someone caused that person’s death – it can feel nearly impossib Read More »

Lawsuit Alleges Diacetyl in Frito-Lay Chips; Frito-Lay Workers at Risk?


  Frito-Lay, Inc., a manufacturer and seller of some of the United States’ most popular snack foods, faces a class action lawsuit alleging that it hides the use of synthetic diacetyl in its cheddar and sour cream flavored chips. Law360 reports Read More »

CDC Releases 2020 Distracted Driving Facts and Statistics


  2020 Distracted Driving Facts Distracted driving is any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from driving. Distracted driving includes cell phone use and other activities such as eating, talking to other passengers, adjusting the Read More »

10 National Park Safety Tips to Keep Yourself Safe


  Visiting a national park can be a fun and fulfilling experience. However, if you do not take proper precautions and care, you could easily find yourself in a dangerous situation. A total of 990 deaths were reported in national parks from 2014 Read More »

What Effect Does Infrastructure Development Have on Economic Growth?


  Infrastructure can be defined in a number of ways depending on the policy discussion; in general, however, the term refers to longer-lived, capital-intensive systems, and facilities. These types of systems can include roads, bridges, water tre Read More »

How Common Are Wrong Diagnoses & What Are Options if Misdiagnosed?


  Can You Sue a Doctor For a Wrong Diagnosis? If the doctor’s, or any healthcare professional, negligent actions result in a patient’s misdiagnosis, wrong diagnosis, or delayed diagnosis, this can be considered a form of medical mal Read More »

Signs of Brain Damage in Babies and What You Can Do


  Brain Damage Symptoms in Babies Great parents know that taking care of their baby’s health and safety is a number one priority. They go through great strides to ensure that their newborn is taken care of and lives a happy, healthy life. Howe Read More »

The Advantages of Local Public Transportation Systems


  What are Public Transportation Systems? Public transportation systems, or public transit, is publicly funded shared transportation networks used by community members as an alternative method of traditional travel by vehicle. Buses, light rails Read More »

Cancer Alley: Causes and Effects of the “Chemical Corridor” in Louisiana


  “Cancer Alley” and What It Says About American Priorities Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” is an 85-mile stretch of land that runs alongside the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orlean. The corridor is home to more than 150 pe Read More »

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