Illinois Juul Lawsuit Filed in Southern District of Illinois by TorHoerman Law


8/19/2019 – TorHoerman Law filed the first Illinois Juul lawsuit on behalf of a young adult who became addicted to Juul and suffered life-threatening injuries as a result. The Plaintiff, who remains unnamed at this time, was a bright, social, a Read More »

Is Vaping Bad For You? Doctors Say Yes, Vaping Dangers Are Putting Users at Risk


Is vaping bad for you? It’s a question we are all asking as vaping, a new smoking trend, has taken the world by storm, and most of its users, are young adults. While vaping may seem innocent enough initially, there are vaping dangers that have Read More »

Juuling Dangers – How This Epidemic is Putting Your Child at Risk


“Juuling.” A new trend, and not a good one, has taken the world by storm, seen on sidewalks and school campuses around the country. But, what is it, why are our children using them, and what are the Juuling dangers? Juul is a popular USB-styled e Read More »

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