Future Lawyer, Liam Brannon is Preparing for a Successful Career


The THL People Series was created in part to show our clients a bit of the personalities behind the emails and phone calls, but mostly to say “thank you” to all of our wonderful employees who work hard to help our firm run smoothly. This Read More »

Kelly Runge: Legal Assistant in Search of Waterfalls


At TorHoerman Law we believe that it is our employees’ and their combined individual personalities that make TorHoerman Law stand out as a firm. We value what makes us unique, so each month, we make a point to feature one of our amazing employ Read More »

Meet Kellye Harkey: Legal Assistant, Devoted Grandma, and Avid Camper


For our next installment of the “THL People Series,” I talked with Kellye Harkey, a legal assistant who has been with TorHoerman Law for the last two and a half years. Although she is based out of our Edwardsville office, Kellye assists t Read More »

Running on Coffee and Determination, Jackie Dunnavant is an Inspiration


Once a month, we feature an exemplary employee of TorHoerman Law in our ‘THL People Series.’ The goal of the series isn’t to explain what their jobs are at the firm, but to truly show how wonderful these individuals are and how they Read More »

Meet Kristie Stephens – Our Resident Philanthropist


Next up on the THL People Series is Kristie Stephens. Kristie has been working with most of the attorneys for a while now, even before we opened the doors to THL. Throughout her nearly decade-long career with the firm, she has remained a key part of Read More »

Supermom & Personal Injury Aficionado – Rose Keuthe Can Do It All


Time for another spotlight on an amazing employee. This month, we sat down with Rose Kuethe, a personal injury law aficionado, who has been with TorHoerman Law since the beginning. There aren’t enough good things we can say about her; she’ Read More »

Meet Judy Lane: Car Connoisseur, Grandma, Influence for Pradaxa Case


Month two of our “THL People Series” features Judy Lane, an incredible woman who has been with TorHoerman Law since the first day we opened the doors. Because of Judy’s hard work and determination, she has contributed a great deal t Read More »

Meet Chelsey Logan: Paralegal by Day, Wedding Photographer by Night


At TorHoerman Law, we’re more than a law firm – we are a family. Each of our employees brings a different skill set to the table which allows our firm to run smoothly and effectively. Ultimately, the varying knowledge and skills enable ou Read More »

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