Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser had filed a lawsuit against Juul Inc, claiming the vape company marketing its products to children and downplayed their health risks. Furthermore, Weiser is accusing Juul of falsely suggesting its vaping products are a healthy smoking alternative and can help people quit using cigarettes.

The lawsuit, filed in Denver District Court, states that the company violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.

“Addiction to e-cigarettes poses major health risks to Colorado youth,” Weiser said in a written statement. “Juul must be held accountable for its reckless, deceptive and unconscionable marketing.”

The claim argues that Juul developed its products, which resemble a USB flash drive, to make them more attractive and easily accessible to youth and more difficult for parents and teachers to identify.

Juul has responded by saying it has worked to combat teen use and that its vaping devices are not meant to be cessation products but are rather just an additional way to consumer nicotine.

Juul Inc is partly owned by Altria Group, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes. Altria’s stock has tanked in part because of litigation against Juul.

Lastly, the lawsuit aims to recover financial compensation for damage caused to Colorado and its citizens. Also, it calls for a halt to the company’s unlawful and deceptive trade practices.


Litigation Update


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