Former Juul director of program management Marcie Hamilton filed a lawsuit against Juul, claiming that the company is using illegal non-disclosure agreements to prevent any attempts of whistleblowing.

“Armed with these illegal NDAs and confidentiality requirements and in reliance on their terrorizing effect, powerful employers, often with the help of prominent law firms, threaten employees with termination, financial ruin and more if they dare disclose corporate wrongdoing or engage in other relevant protected conduct,” Hamilton says.

The disgruntled former Juul employee is suing over multiple alleged violations of California’s labor code and unjust enrichment. Her lawsuit seeks an order barring Juul from enforcing the controversial confidentiality policies. Hamilton claims these policies are detrimental to her job-seeking abilities. She also says these policies affect more than 3,000 people.

Altria Group, the owner of the company produces Marlboro brand cigarettes, purchased a $12.8 billion stake in Juul in 2018. Juul is involved in several other ongoing lawsuits. Including multiple antitrust suits over the Altria sale, as well as allegations of improper marketing aimed at attracting underage consumers.

Hamilton is also seeking undetermined penalties plus attorney fees and expenses.

Juul did not respond to requests for comment.


Litigation Update


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