Illinois state prosecutors on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Juul Labs, accusing the e-cigarette company of using targeted marketing practices to appeal to youth and intentionally get them addicted to their nicotine product. This is the first Illinois Juul lawsuit filed against the manufacturer.

The lawsuit, which is filed in Lake County, Illinois, is one of the numerous identical state lawsuits filed against Juul labs recently. Michael Nerheim, the state’s attorney in Lake County, said that his office will be working with several private Chicago law firms in the Illinois Juul Lawsuit.

“Companies like Juul Labs are preying on our teens and pre-teens by turning them into addicts,” Nerheim said. “Like dope dealers on a street corner, Juul intentionally created addicted teen customers, to get them to continuously come back for life.”

The Illinois Juul lawsuit claims that Juul Labs utilized their social media presence in order to influence teens to post selfies using their Juul device.

Juul Labs stated that their company’s marketing team has never attempted to influence teens in this matter. However, the company has deleted their Instagram and Facebook. They claim to be making efforts to remove all inappropriate use of their products from social media platforms.


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