An Ohio judge has just shut down 2 companies’ requests to stay out of a class action lawsuit regarding PFAS exposure. The lawsuit alleges that certain makers of products containing PFAS, a toxic group of chemicals, have knowingly sold their harmful products to consumers which has resulted in thousands of injuries.

The companies, Anchroma Management and Daikin Industries Ltd., claimed that they did not receive sufficient information about how they were responsible for PFAS exposure in Ohio. They also say that they have no business connection to Ohio whatsoever.

Last September, other chemical manufacturers sought motions to dismiss but were denied. The motions asserted that there is no personal jurisdiction over the alleged PFAS makers which is confirmed by affidavits signed by the defendants. Anchroma and Daikin have asked the courts to reconsider these motions.

The recent Malone v. Stanley Black & Decker Inc. case supported the court’s order against the motions. Lead plaintiff Kevin Hardwick, however, must still fight the motions with sufficient evidence.

Hardwick’s blood reportedly contains PFAS and PFOA which can lead to serious disease. He acquired the toxins from firefighting foams and other equipment throughout his 40 years as a firefighter.



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