Three personal injury cases against Medtronic were filed in January of 2020. The lawsuits, filed in Minnesota and Texas, were for injuries sustained from surgeries years prior. Each surgery was gastrointestinal.

The plaintiffs claim that the doctors knew about the unreliable stapler devices before the surgery but proceeded anyway. The result was years of complications and additional treatment that were easily preventable.

Companies like Medtronic are required to file a report with the FDA as soon as they learn one of their products is defective. This system was changed last year when it was discovered that Medtronic was filing private reports with the FDA, an unintended mechanic of the reporting policy.

Thousands of additional patients have come forward with complaints of surgical stapler injuries ranging from infection to tissue damage and even death. If you or someone you know has suffered injuries from surgical staplers, call TorHoerman Law to see if you’re eligible for a lawsuit.



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