ATLANTA, GA – TorHoerman Law, and Turnbull Law Firm P.C. have filed the first Juul lawsuit in the state of Georgia, alleging that the popular e-cigarette caused a former athlete to develop permanent lung damage.

The lawsuit further alleges that Juul Labs, which manufacturers Juul, negligently formulated their products with harmful chemicals that cause lung damage, failed to warn consumers of these dangers, and misconceived the e-cigarette’s safety by labeling it a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. According to the lawsuit, Juul knew, or should have known, about these dangerous chemicals, but chose to include them in their product in an effort to attract young people and new users to electronic cigarettes.

Jake Plattenberger, Partner at TorHoerman Law, and Alan Holcomb, Partner at Turnbull Law Firm P.C. represent their client, a previously healthy and active young adult. The client, who was a former athlete, began using Juul products in 2015, subsequently suffering from severe and permanent lung injuries, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Like many teens and young adults, the client was initially influenced by Juul’s appeal as a “safer alternative”. “Since entering the market, Juul Labs has dominated the e-cigarette industry and now controls the vast majority of the market,” Said Plattenberger. “Our hope is to set a precedent for the victims of Juul Lab’s dangerous products and misleading marketing campaigns.”


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