Two confirmed cases of lung illness associated with e-cigarettes have been reported in Missouri in the past two weeks, with seven more possible e-cigarette injuries currently being investigated by Missouri Health Department officials.

Both injured individuals are being treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, so it is likely that these individuals are minors.

No additional information about the two individuals or their injuries is being made public at this time.

“If we receive more reports in the future that allow us to provide aggregate data on the location, ages and illness severity in these patients, we will do so,” Lisa Cox, a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, said in an email. “Because there are currently just nine cases under investigation, we are unable to delineate these cases any further due to the fact that it could cause identification of those patients.”

Dr. Randall Williams, Department of Health and Senior Services director encouraged Missourians who are concerned with these health risks to refrain from using e-cigarette products.


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