Veterans are increasingly filing Zantac lawsuits claiming the drug causes cancer, according to lawyers.

The lawsuits claim drug manufacturers knew the active ingredient in Zantac, ranitidine, had the potential to form a toxic chemical called N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in a person’s stomach but did not warn the public. NDMA is known to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked all manufacturers to withdraw Zantac and all ranitidine products from the U.S. market in April 2020 because the drug could expose people to unacceptable levels of NDMA.

According to lawsuits, scientific literature showed that drugs like Zantac containing a substance called dimethylamine (DMA) were more likely to form NDMA when combined with other substances in the body. This information was available before the FDA approved Zantac in 1983, and lawsuits say drug manufacturers failed to warn the public, exposing them to an increased cancer risk.

Many of the veterans who filed Zantac cancer lawsuits took Zantac prescribed at the VA, according to their lawyers. Because veterans are more likely to take acid-reducing medications, they may be at a higher risk of exposure from Zantac.



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