Two Zantac cancer lawsuits have been consolidated in the U.S. District Court of Florida, where the Zantac litigation is pending.

The two plaintiffs, one from Pennsylvania and the other from Florida, are both women who claim that regular use of Zantac lead them (or their descendant) to develop cancer.

The Pennsylvania-based plaintiff filed a claim on behalf of a deceased family member’s estate. The descendant was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2018, succumbing to the illness on August 31, 2019.

According to her complaint, the descendent used Zantac regularly and followed the directions regarding drug usage. The plaintiff’s complaint states that the descendant would have not used Zantac if he was aware of the cancer risks associated with Zantac.

The Florida-based plaintiff’s complaint states that she began taking over-the-counter Zantac regularly more than 20 years ago, using both 75 mg and 150 mg does, initially beginning to use the drug to reduce her stomach acid after undergoing an endoscopy. Similar to the Pennsylvania plaintiff’s claim, the Florida plaintiff states that she used the drug as directed on the label. She began with 75 mg doses but transitioned to 150 mg doses after the higher dose became available in the US market. She also noted that she would have not used Zantac if she was aware of the cancer risks associated with the drug.

The Florida plaintiff was diagnosed with stage IIC colon cancer in April 2018. She subsequently underwent an invasive surgery to have a large part of her colon removed. She has since received various cancer treatments, including chemotherapy treatment.

Both pancreatic cancer and colon cancer have been linked to Zantac use.

Both plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages as well as punitive damages against the manufacturer.


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