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Calling Hyland’s Teething Tablets a “Serious Health Risk,” FDA Finally Drops Hammer

A stunning FDA recall letter dated April 7, 2017 to Jay Borneman, CEO of Hyland’s, lays out shockingly strong warnings and statements about Hyland’s dangerous teething products. The FDA stated a recall was necessary because “there is a reasonable probability that the use [of teething tablets]…will cause serious adverse event health consequences or death.” Read More »

FDA Panel Suggests Gadolinium Warning for Gadolinium used in MRIs


  (Sept. 11, 2017) – A Food & Drug Administration (FDA) panel recommended implementing a Gadolinium warning for Gadolinium Contrast Agents (GBCAs) used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The FDA’s Medical Imaging Drugs Advisory Committee recommended that prescribing information should include a “warning for retention for all GBCAs with greater retention of all or some of the […] Read More »

Essure Discontinued in Global Market – Will Essure End Domestically?


On Monday, Bayer announced that it will discontinue all sales of its Essure contraceptive device outside of the U.S. market. Despite numerous accusations questioning the product’s safety, Bayer attributes the decision to a lack of consumer interest in permanent birth control in global markets. Bayer’s decision comes just months after Essure sales were suspended in […] Read More »

Meet Judy Lane: Car Connoisseur, Grandma, and Influence Behind Pradaxa Litigation


Month two of our “THL People Series” features Judy Lane, an incredible woman who has been with TorHoerman Law since the first day we opened the doors. Because of Judy’s hard work and determination, she has contributed a great deal to the firm; she initiated the efforts for Pradaxa, one of the biggest litigations in […] Read More »

SELF-DRIVE Act Could Become Framework for Self-Driving Car Laws


In a recent U.S. House of Representatives floor session, House Representatives passed the SELF-DRIVE Act (Safely Ensuring Lives Future Deployment and Research In Vehicle Evolution) by a 2/3 majority. If ratified, the bill could become the framework for federal regulations and laws governing autonomous vehicles. “This bipartisan bill paves the way for advanced collision avoidance […] Read More »

Is Accelerated Drug Approval Ensuring Drug Safety and Effectiveness?


Since 1938, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been in charge of approving each prescription drug and medical device before it is released into the market for consumer use. There is a strict process that manufacturers must follow in order to gain FDA approval, but the process was recently made a bit easier in […] Read More »

Rash of Equifax Lawsuits Filed throughout the Country


THL Files Equifax Lawsuits First in Illinois State Court on Behalf of Illinois Residents   More than 143 million Americans have had their sensitive personal information put at risk in one of the largest data breaches to ever occur in the United States. In response, TorHoerman Law has filed the first Illinois lawsuit against Equifax […] Read More »

Black Box Warning – The Strongest Consumer Warning FDA Can Issue


A black box warning is the strongest consumer warning that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) can issue for prescription drugs and medical devices. Most often caused by reports of severe health risks, the warning is designed to make consumers and medical professionals aware of any adverse effects, associated side effects, or increased health risks […] Read More »

$57 Million Verdict in Philadelphia J&J Pelvic Mesh Product Case


(September 7, 2017) — Earlier this afternoon, a Philadelphia jury awarded $57.1 million to a woman who claimed Johnson & Johnson’s pelvic mesh product had caused her severe and life altering injuries. Ella Ebaugh (plaintiff) was implanted with J&J’s TVT-Secur pelvic mesh product in May 2007. In 2010, Ebaugh was made aware by her doctor that […] Read More »

New Office Will Begin Construction and Four New Partners Announcement


TorHoerman Law has been undergoing many changes over the past few months and we’re excited to finally announce a few of those changes. Four new partners have been announced and a new office will begin construction at the end of the month! “We have reached the point where we were outgrowing our previous office, and […] Read More »

Invokana Risks Push Doctors to Switch Patients to Other Medications


The SGLT2 inhibitor Invokana has come under fire recently because of the increased risk of lower limb amputations caused by one of its key ingredients, canagliflozin. Physicians in California are hurrying to switch patients from Invokana to other diabetes medications. Results of the CANVAS trial indicated patients using Invokana were at an increased risk of […] Read More »

Lawsuits Filed Against Manufacturers of C-Qur and Physiomesh


There are currently two separate multidistrict litigations (MDL) open against manufacturers of hernia mesh surgical devices. In the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Georgia, MDL 2782 has been created for claims against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon, for its Physiomesh product. MDL 2782 was formed in June 2017, following Ethicon’s worldwide market […] Read More »

What Exactly is a Bellwether Trial? A Plaintiff Perspective


A bellwether trial is a small consolidation of lawsuits, taken from a larger group of similar cases, to be tried first. The bellwether trial is like a practice run to help anticipate the results of the future similar cases. Bellwether trials are often used in multidistrict litigations (MDL). An MDL is a federal legal procedure that […] Read More »

Intragastric Balloon System – FDA Issues Safety Alert


In the United States, an estimated 160 million Americans are overweight or obese, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. The statistics are not only overwhelming but an indication that obesity is a massive, worldwide problem. Weight loss surgery is an extreme option, but for many, it helps to not only lose weight […] Read More »

An Informal Guide: What is a Multidistrict Litigation?


What is a Multidistrict Litigation? A multidistrict litigation, commonly referred to as MDL, is a special federal legal procedure designed to speed the process of handling complex litigations by consolidating cases and addressing all pretrial procedures in one court.   What does that mean? When a large number of people who have all been affected […] Read More »

Did You Know the iPhone Medical I.D. Existed? It Could Save Your Life.


Did you know that you can setup your own personalized medical I.D. card right on your Apple iPhone? This awesome feature came as news to me as much of our staff here at TorHoerman Law, so we thought we would share it with you. Your iPhone medical I.D. can be accessed by first responders and […] Read More »