Calling Hyland’s Teething Tablets a “Serious Health Risk,” FDA Finally Drops Hammer

A stunning FDA recall letter dated April 7, 2017 to Jay Borneman, CEO of Hyland’s, lays out shockingly strong warnings and statements about Hyland’s dangerous teething products. The FDA stated a recall was necessary because “there is a reasonable probability that the use [of teething tablets]…will cause serious adverse event health consequences or death.” Read More »

Self Driving Cars – Testing with Lives?


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than six million police-reported motor vehicle crashes occurred in the United States in 2015. Twenty-seven percent of those crashes (1.7 million) resulted in an injury. With the introduction of self driving cars, how likely is it that the rate of motor vehicle crashes increases? The self […] Read More »

IVC Filter Overused by Medical Providers, Not Always Removed


According to a new study published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, inferior vena cava (IVC) filters may be overused by medical providers. The study also found that, based on managed care board guidelines, a retrievable IVC filter is not always removed after it is no longer needed, imposing greater risks to patients.   An […] Read More »

Generic Drugs vs. Name-Brand Drugs – What’s the Difference?


What are Generic Drugs? Generic drugs are the bioequivalent of name-brand pharmaceuticals offered at a highly discounted rate. The FDA requires that all generic products must contain the same active ingredients as their name-brand counterparts, though inactive ingredients may vary to some extent. Required to have an identical dosage form, route of administration, strength of […] Read More »

E-cigs, Diacetyl and the Dangers Associated


The popularity of e-cigarettes has risen immensely as a new “healthy” alternative to cigarettes. Offering minimized adverse health effects from nicotine consumption compared to cigarettes, sales in e-cigs have skyrocketed with a projected increase of $8.3 billion by 2017 since 2013. But the ambiguity of the real health risks associated with e-cigarettes has left the public […] Read More »

Medical Device Safety Update: Stöckert 3T Heater-Cooler System


The FDA has issued a Medical Device Safety Communication update informing Stöckert 3T Heater-Cooler System users of the Mycobacterium chimaera infections associated with the medical device. The updates include further recommendations and precautionary steps for healthcare professionals to take in an effort to mitigate the potential risks associated with the device. The update comes subsequent […] Read More »

Is Opioid Addiction Becoming an Epidemic?


Between 2010 and 2016, opioid addiction increased by an outstanding amount – 493%, according to a study conducted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of its members. That number will only increase if steps are not taken to curb this debilitating epidemic which affects people from all over the world. In the United States, the opioid crisis […] Read More »

Tiger Woods: Prescription Drug Usage and a DUI


Tiger Woods was recently arrested near his South Florida residence for driving under the influence (DUI). Since that time, images of Woods’ mug shot have been widely circulated. Information on the arrest detailed Woods’ demeanor included slurred speech, failure to complete a sobriety test and unconsciousness at the wheel, leading most people to assume Woods […] Read More »

Talcum Powder: Ruling Could Have Implications on Out-of-State Lawsuits


The nationwide pharmaceutical corporation Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has filed a motion to dismiss a large number of cases brought against their talcum powder products, seizing upon a United States Supreme Court ruling which could potentially restrict the courts where plaintiffs can file lawsuits. The Supreme Court decision in Bristol-Myers Squibb Co vs Superior Court restricted […] Read More »

Canada Becomes 4th Country to Have Essure Withdrawn from Market


Mounting market pressure and legal backlash has forced the hand of Bayer once again, with the pharmaceutical manufacturer announcing this week that it will be discontinuing distribution of Essure in the Canadian market. Canada is the fourth country where Essure has been pulled from the shelves; it was recently also taken out of market in […] Read More »

Lawn Mower Accidents More Likely to Occur in Summer Months


Summer is in full swing and families are spending more time outside, grilling, playing in the yard. Unfortunately, the summer months also bring an increased risk of accidents, including lawn mower accidents. In honor of National Safety Month, take extra safety precautions. Watch out for the kids, especially when mowing the lawn. Accidents of this […] Read More »

Drowning is Second Leading Cause of Death in Children Aged 1-14


Drowning Accident at Daycare Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer and it’s also the time many pools open for the season. An increase in the amount of drowning victims directly coincides with the three months of June, July and August. Drowning is one of the top five causes of death for children […] Read More »

Recall Alert: Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Replacement Device


Zimmer Biomet, an Indiana-based medical device company specializing in shoulder replacement implant devices, has recently had to recall more than 3,000 of their artificial shoulder replacement implants. Increased rates of medical device reports, suggesting that the implants have a high likelihood of post-op fracturing, has lead the FDA to initiate this Class I recall. The […] Read More »

Starting Law School? Read These 10 Tips!


Law school isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a grueling three years that requires the utmost attention to your studies. For Jordan Butler, he’s made it through two years of intense studying. In the fall, he will start his third and final year of law school. After surviving more than half of his law school […] Read More »

Oppose Legal “Reform” That Tramples Your Right to a Day In Court


On Thursday, H.R. 1215, a bill designed to shield big corporations from taking any financial responsibility for negligent and intentional actions that cause injury to everyday Americans is set to be fast-tracked through Congress without hearing and with limited debate. It is CRITICAL that every American contact their Representative immediately and tell them you oppose […] Read More »

Texting and Driving: We All Need to Do Better to End Distracted Driving


If you’re 21 and over, texting and driving in Missouri is legal. That doesn’t make it acceptable. One out of every four car accidents is caused by texting and driving, and approximately 3,000 people a year die in those accidents. Statistics show that it isn’t just teenagers that are texting and driving; adults are texting […] Read More »