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Time for another spotlight on an amazing employee.

This month, we sat down with Rose Kuethe, a personal injury law aficionado, who has been with TorHoerman Law since the beginning.

There aren’t enough good things we can say about her; she’s personable and kind, a great quality for talking with clients, she’s a blast to be around because honestly, there will never be a dull moment when you’re with Rose, and most importantly, she is a great example of the kind of person we all aspire to be.

Although her career at TorHoerman Law is a big part of her life, her family is the most significant.

Rose and her husband have three wonderful children.

When they aren’t busy with their kids, they’re touring around Southern Illinois; Adam is in a band and Rose is essentially the band’s roadie.

She laughed when she said this, but in all seriousness, Rose explained that the band is a great pastime that allows them both to have fun and relieve stress.

Rose is an integral part of our team, and we were excited about the opportunity to talk to her about her life – both personally and professionally.

To learn more about Rose, read her interview below:

Q: What is your go-to pastime?

A: A few different things – reading to my kids because they love it, game nights with my family, and arts and crafts. I love to paint and color.

Q: In the cases you’ve worked, what has meant the most to you? Why?

A: Honestly, there were two that were equally as memorable. A few years ago, a friend of mine from school contacted me about a situation involving her great-aunt; she slipped and fell at a restaurant and nerves in her dominant arm were damaged.

The injury affected her ability to accomplish everyday activities – specifically helping her husband and cleaning the house.

The settlement she received allowed her some emotional and financial peace.

But, honestly, she was just an amazing woman in general.

She would bring in cakes and goodies because of the help we were giving her, and the situation itself felt personal to me because of the connection to my friend.

The Paxil cases were the most gut-wrenching.

They left a lasting impression on me. The children involved were injured by Paxil, an SSRI anti-depressant that their mothers were taking while pregnant resulting in injuries in the children post childbirth.

The mothers felt so guilty, many of them cried while talking to us about their situations.

Although it wasn’t their fault at all, they felt that it was because they were told the drug was safe, even though it wasn’t.

Because the case had a positive ending, I felt like I really helped these women.

Hopefully, the end result made the women feel less guilty about what happened and gave them some peace of mind.

Q: Why are you working for a personal injury law firm?

A: I like to help people. This job gives me that opportunity. I also really like the investigation part of it – looking into how things happened.

Q: What motivates you at TorHoerman Law?

A: Finding that one thing that’s going to help somebody resolve their case is my biggest motivation. My job is to get the individual to where they can receive money for their injuries.

personal injury law

Q: Personally, what could you never live without?

A: That’s an easy one. I could never live without my kids. I have three kids – Christian (10), Emily (9), and Adilynn (6).

Q: What is your biggest achievement?

A: Personally, my family is my biggest achievement in life. Professionally, I’d say having a career I can be proud of. I help people that have been hurt and don’t necessarily have the means to help themselves. It’s very rewarding.

Q: What drives you to succeed?

A: Making sure my family is taken care of is my biggest driving factor. More importantly, teaching my kids important life lessons, giving them the drive to be successful in life, and being a role model for them.

Q: What keeps you up at night?

A: I can’t turn off my brain. I lay in bed and think about everything I need to do, both at home and at work.

Q: What are three things you avoid daily?

A: Well that’s an easy one: Laundry, mushrooms, and watching the news. Seeing what Americans do to one another these days and how split our country has become is incredibly disheartening. I worry about the world my children will be inheriting.

Q: What’s most important to you?

A: Raising my kids the right way. Teaching them to be productive, God-fearing citizens, and most importantly, nice, loving people. They are the most important part of my life.

If you’d like to reach out to Rose, send her an email at



Tom Lewis

TorHoerman Law was responsible for handling a medical case for our family. I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and ability to react quickly. They also did a nice job keeping us updated with the case throughout the process. This was the first time experiencing a situation like this and Tor Hoerman law did an excellent job from start to finish.

Jordan Terry

TorHoerman Law is an extraordinary law firm – a firm that truly makes the client’s best interests the primary concern. Their team of personal injury lawyers are experienced, personable, and well versed in a range of litigation areas. They are supported by a dedicated team of staff that are as equally friendly and helpful. I would recommend TorHoerman Law for any personal injury litigation needs.

Dave Woodley

All of my questions were answered quickly and in a way I could understand. Steve and the entire staff were friendly and professional.

Jordan Butler

I highly recommend this law firm! The attorneys and staff at THL worked hard, communicated every step of the process, kept me well informed at all times, and exceeded all expectations! The staff is kind, considerate, professional, and very experienced. Look no further, call now!

Maddy Moeller

Top-notch, hardworking attorneys!

Karen Hersman

A wonderful and professional legal team. They helped me when I needed expert legal representation! Thank you TorHoerman Law!

Angel Truesdale

They contacted me the next day. Very nice people!