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Equifax Data BreachNearly 145.5 Million Americans Affected

Equifax Lawsuit

Equifax Data Breach and Equifax Lawsuit

TorHoerman Law has been at the forefront of the Equifax lawsuit, filing one of the initial cases on September 10th, in the Madison County District Court of Illinois.

Three days prior, on September 7th, Equifax – one of the “big-three” U.S. credit bureaus – announced that the company had suffered a data breach, compromising customers’ sensitive personal information – including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers. The Equifax data breach was the largest personal information breach in U.S. history. More than 209,000 U.S. consumer credit card numbers were accessed, as well as “certain dispute documents with personal identification” for an additional 182,000 U.S. consumers.

The breach affected nearly 145.5 million Americans.

The Equifax breach is unique because it does not just affect Equifax’s direct customers. The company is one of only three major credit bureaus in the U.S. A large portion of consumer credit scores are run through Equifax. Thus, if you have run a credit score check in the past few years for any number of reasons – applying for a loan, credit card, job, car, home, or any other process involving running a credit score – this breach likely affects you. For most of these processes, banks, loan offices, auto dealers, and retailers run your information. You likely would not know not know whether Equifax was used.


How Will I Know if I Was Affected?

Equifax will send mailed notices to any customer whose credit card numbers or dispute records were accessed, but they will not be personally contacting every individual who has been breached.

Equifax has set up a credit file monitoring and identity theft protection service. The service is free for anyone to use. In order to determine whether your information has been breached, follow this link. Simply enter your last name and last six digits of your Social Security number.

Equifax will send you a message informing you whether your information has been breached. You will then be prompted to enroll in Equifax’s one-year free protection service. DO NOT enroll. This service includes an arbitration service which may limit your ability to take legal action against Equifax.

Even if you have already run your information through the protection services, it is important that you do so again. As of October 4th, Equifax announced an additional 2.5 million account breaches in addition to the initial 143 million account breaches announced on September 7th.


Equifax Lawsuit – Explained  

Although Equifax announced the initial account breaches in a September 7th press release, the company was made aware of these breaches as early as July 29th.  Equifax chose to keep the information private. Unfortunately for the millions of American consumers affected, this means that for more than six weeks, the attackers had the opportunity to use stolen personal information to take out loans, open accounts, and credit cards, make purchases, and commit identity theft.


Currently, the number of lawsuits against Equifax is growing throughout U.S. courts in response to the company’s negligent actions. TorHoerman Law was at the forefront of this litigation being one of the first firms to file an Equifax lawsuit in Illinois. Our firm continues to investigate cases for any individuals who have been affected by the Equifax breach.


What is the First Step in Filing an Equifax Lawsuit?

At TorHoerman Law, we offer free no-obligation case evaluation services. If you think you have a potential case against Equifax, we would be happy to evaluate the case for free with no strings attached.

TorHoerman Law is currently taking in cases for any individuals who have been affected by the Equifax breach.


 UPDATE – November 14, 2017

Equifax has now released the company’s third-quarter report, detailing the costs of the data breach. In total, Equifax has had to shell out $87.5 million thus far. Equifax expects similar or possibly higher costs in the fourth quarter. In the third quarter, product costs equaled around $55.5 million, professional fees were around $17.1 million, and consumer support cost nearly $15 million. Another $27.3 million covered investigation, remediation, legal services, professional services.

These costs come before the onslaught of lawsuits filed against the company across the United States. Equifax was recently hit with a rare ’50-state’ complaint regarding their data breach. The complaint hopes to combine dozens of individual suits against the company into potentially one of the largest comglomerate multi-district litigations (MDL) in U.S. history.

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