5 Key Questions To Ask Your Truck Accident Lawyer

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Tips for Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important to reach out to reputable truck accident lawyers so you can pursue justice and compensation.

According to the National Safety Council, in 2021 alone:

These figures were 18% and 12% higher than the previous year, respectively, with fatality crashes seeing a 49% increase in the last 10 years.

Truck accident victims must seek help from a dedicated truck accident lawyer.

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Truck accidents are different from regular car accidents and typically involve more than one party.

Trucking accidents often result in more severe injuries and require more extensive investigation and significant compensation.

With help from a truck accident attorney, truck accident victims can navigate truck accident law and secure the compensation they deserve.

However, since commercial truck accidents are specific personal injury cases, you must be careful when getting legal representation.

In this blog, we’ll go over five of the most important questions to ask your truck accident lawyer.

If you were injured in a truck accident at no fault of your own, you may be eligible to file a truck accident claim and seek financial compensation from the at-fault parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TorHoerman Law works on a contingency fee basis.

This means that our law firm DOES NOT charge for legal representation unless your case is successful.

If your truck accident case does not result in financial compensation, you do not have to pay any legal fees.

Your truck accident lawyer will assess and calculate your total damages.

They will do this by gathering evidence and conducting a thorough investigation to ensure that your truck accident claim includes all monetary and non-monetary damages you may be entitled to.

Damages in a truck accident case may include the following: 

  • Medical bills and future medical expenses
  • Therapy costs
  • Property damage costs
  • Lost wages and earning ability
  • Lost quality of life
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other compensatory and punitive damages

It’s highly recommended to contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as you are physically and mentally able to do so.

It’s important to mitigate and treat your injuries and retain any medical records as evidence in your truck accident claim.

Starting the legal process of a truck accident lawsuit quickly after the accident occurs allows for your legal team to retain evidence and strategize the best route forward.

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Table of Contents

Questions To Ask Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys

Any truck accident law firm can claim to be the best.

However, finding the one that can represent your best interests will be up to your discretion.

You must ask as many questions about the truck accident claim you plan to file so that you can ensure you collaborate with a reputable law firm.

Only the most experienced truck accident attorneys can give you unique and tailored answers for your questions about commercial trucks, the trucking industry, and what damages you can obtain from truck accident claims based on your circumstances.

Below we have listed five essential questions you can ask the attorneys you plan to help oversee your semi-truck accident.

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Truck Accident Lawyer; Truck Accident Lawyers; Truck Accident Attorneys; Lawyers for Truck Accident Claims; Truck Accident Lawsuit; Truck Accident Lawsuits

1. What Can a Truck Accident Attorney Do for Me?

Ask a truck accident attorney what they can do for you.

They must be able to break down how a truck accident is a specific kind of personal injury case.

Truck accident lawyers will know how to navigate these unique cases because they know how devastating these situations can be.

Make sure the attorney has experience with trucking accidents and has a track record of success.

Any truck accident lawyer who is confident in their skills will be open to discussing truck crashes they worked on before.

They should also be able to show how successful they have been in resolving those cases for victims.

When you ask an attorney about their experience with truck accidents, they should know how to assure you of your options as a victim.

Truck accident survivors may feel like they have nowhere or no one to support them.

Your attorney should lay out all of your options and walk you through what they can do for you.

Further, they should create an environment of empathy and understanding for what you are going through.

Ideally, your lawyer should have experience facing relevant parties involved in a truck accident.

These parties include yourself (the victim), the truck driver, the trucking company, and the relevant insurance company.

Your lawyer should also have a thorough understanding of federal regulations regarding cargo on semi trucks, driver fatigue and rules on adequate rest, and other factors that speak to the validity of your truck accident case.

2. What Strategy Will You Take for My Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Another question you should ask your lawyer is about their approach to your truck accident lawsuit.

They can describe the different auto accident cases they have handled before to give you an idea of how they will go about handling your case.

However, every truck accident has different circumstances.

Give your lawyer the details of your case to assess and they can walk you through the possible strategies they will take on your behalf.

Part of their strategy could require them to assign a specific lawyer in their firm for your case.

Every lawyer has distinct specialties, so it’s best to work with a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of your situation.

When you are introduced to another lawyer, ask about their qualifications and experience.

You should learn about the individual experience of that lawyer as he or she will be responsible for your case.

Asking about the specific lawyer can also help you see how they will execute the potential strategy for your lawsuit.

They could mention previous experience in resolving motor vehicle crash cases, but you must confirm that they can handle a truck accident lawsuit specifically.

Your lawyer’s strategy must consider the specifics of your case and adjust accordingly.

Their walkthrough should be convincing and make you comfortable in letting them handle your case.

3. How Do You Determine Liability in My Truck Accident Case?

Determining liability in truck accident cases can be more complex than in other car accident cases.

As we mentioned before, more parties tend to be involved in a commercial motor vehicle crash than in a regular car accident.

When a truck driver is at fault, the truck company that they work for can become involved in the case.

If the company did not provide adequate training or acted negligently in any way, it may be considered the liable party.

If the truck had defects or maintenance issues, the truck manufacturer could be held liable.

Be sure to ask your truck accident lawyer to identify the different parties involved in your case.

Your lawyer will determine who is responsible for the crash and ensure you have a fighting chance in securing compensation for the damages that resulted from the wreck.

Even if you know that you are not at fault in the truck accident after incurring injuries, truck drivers will have their trucking company backing their claims.

You must learn about your attorney’s approach to determining liability.

4. How Do You Calculate Settlements in Truck Accident Cases?

After confirming your attorney’s successful track record of helping victims of truck accidents recover damages, ask about their settlement calculation methods.

Any survivor will want a fair settlement for their personal injury claim but it can be challenging when big trucking companies are involved.

Typically, experienced truck accident lawyers will calculate the value of an accident claim by looking at various factors.

These factors include the medical bills the victim faced during recovery from their severe injuries plus the estimated cost of future medical expenses.

Lost wages and their estimated future lost income also factor into the final settlement.

Victims may have to live with a permanent disability after the accident, which will result in a loss of earning capacity.

Your attorney should be able to consider all factors when calculating your claim.

5. What Damages Can I Claim in My Truck Crash Claim?

Once your lawyer breaks down the specifics of your case, they should identify what financial losses you can claim.

Depending on the lawyer you choose, they will work with their accountant and economist to tally an estimate for your truck accident case.

Having an experienced truck accident lawyer ask about the damages you can claim ensures that you know how much your case is worth.

Some lawyers might settle for the standard damages just to avoid complicating an already complex case.

However, skilled truck accident drivers will strive for the maximum amount of recoverable damages in your specific case.

Depending on your case, you are likely going to have a claim on the following damages:

  • Economic Damages:  These damages involve factors that you can easily put a price on, such as medical costs and lost wages. You can account for these by checking hospital bills and receipts and having an economist calculate how much you lost and will lose due to your serious injuries.
  • Non-Economic Damages:  These damages are difficult to quantify. They involve uncountable factors, such as mental anguish and the negative effects on your life, from loss of enjoyment of life to lost companionship. Family members can even file a wrongful death lawsuit claim if a truck accident was fatal.

TorHoerman Law: Your Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving commercial motor vehicles require more specific approaches than accidents involving passenger vehicles.

That’s why it is a good idea to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to handle your claim.

When choosing a truck accident lawyer to handle your case, consider taking the time to ask them multiple questions about how they will approach your situation.

In this post, we highlighted five questions that you can ask a truck accident lawyer.

The questions that you ask should give you assurance and peace of mind in seeking justice.

If you or a loved one were injured in a truck crash at no fault of your/their own, you may be eligible to file a truck accident lawsuit and seek financial compensation.

Contact TorHoerman Law for a free consultation.

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