BJC Healthcare Security Breach Class Action Lawsuit

St. Louis based BJC Healthcare operates a number of affiliated hospitals and medical centers, serving thousands of people across the region.

Recently, a data breach involving multiple BJC Healthcare locations has potentially leaked protected health information and personal information of patients.

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BJC Healthcare has started to notify effected patients.

If you or a loved one had their information compromised in the BJC Healthcare Data Breach, you may qualify to participate in the class action.

Healthcare providers like BJC Healthcare are trusted to protect patient information at all costs.

In failing to do so, they’ve exposed their patients to potential identity theft and other privacy related issues.

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What Patient Information was Compromised and How?

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Multiple forms of protected health information and personal information were compromised in a data breach at BJC Healthcare.

The potentially compromised information and data of patients includes:

  • Patients names
  • Dates of birth
  • Medical record numbers
  • Treatment locations
  • Healthcare provider names
  • Social security numbers

According to HIPAA Journal, a healthcare media outlet, email accounts belonging to resident physicians and other medical personnel were accessed by unauthorized individuals between March 4 and March 28, 2022.

Physicians kept sensitive information on their email accounts and in attachments of sent and received messages. This information may have been accessed and taken by the individual responsible for the data breach.

BJC Healthcare published a press release about the data breach, and said they began “mailing letters to individuals whose information was identified thus far.” BJC Healthcare has a toll-free call center to answer patients questions at 1-800-503-2933.

What BJC Healthcare Locations were Involved in the Data Breach?

The health system operated by BJC Healthcare is substantial. The non-profit operates and is affiliated with a number of hospitals, medical centers, and other specialized healthcare facilities.

The physicians whose email accounts were potentially included in the BJC Healthcare Data Breach worked at the following locations:

  • Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Parkland Health Center Farmington
  • Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Parkland Health Center Bonne Terre
  • Christian Hospital
  • Progress West Hospital
  • Memorial Hospital
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital

If you received care at any of the above hospitals, your information may be at risk due to the data breach. Contact our law firm for more information on the potential class action against BJC Healthcare.

BJC Healthcare Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

Personal information given to a health system and physicians, and the resulting data created through treatments and hospital visits must be protected.

BJC Healthcare is facing a potential class action suit, and our lawyers are gathering clients to determine the best course of action to hold those responsible for the data breach accountable.

In gathering potential clients, our lawyers will seek to answer questions about whether BJC Healthcare acted negligently in handling information from patients, if they failed to implement adequate data security measures, and more.

Contact us if you were notified by BJC Healthcare that your information was exposed in the data breach incident.

TorHoerman Law: Accepting Potential Clients for the BJC Healthcare Class Action Lawsuit

Our lawyers are investigating legal action for the BJC Healthcare data breach that exposed potentially thousands of patients information.

If you or a loved one had their information exposed in the BJC Healthcare data breach, contact us for a free consultation and information on filing a data privacy claim.

We understand the importance of data protection and how the exposure of sensitive healthcare and personal information can impact a person’s life. Identity theft is serious, and the people entrusted with protecting your personal data must be held accountable for failing to safeguard it.

Don’t hesitate – reach out to us today.

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