TorHoerman Law is more than just a personal injury law firm: we’re soccer moms, board members, PTA meeting attendees, church pastors, church patrons… and bar patrons too.

Most importantly, we’re a firm comprised of community members who take pride in using the resources available to us to uplift our communities & help our neighbors in need.

So, while our professional mantra is, “serve those wrongfully injured at no-fault of their own”, we also stand by our mantra as a community-oriented law firm, “give back to our communities & neighbors who have done so much to support us.” With that objective in mind, our employees work diligently to help our clients while also constantly finding new ways to help our community. Whether it’s turkey giveaways, event sponsorships, coat drives, or scholarships, it is our mission to help out when & where we can.

If you have an idea about how we can get involved in a local charity effort or philanthropic event, contact us today.

TorHoerman Law is focused on community improvement, because helping others should go beyond the walls of a courthouse.

TTHL Employee Foundation