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Giving Back

TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation

Giving back isn’t a sense of obligation, although, at TorHoerman Law, we have been blessed in many ways and service to others is our privilege.

Giving back is about understanding that we can make a difference within the community. It comes from the understanding that our society can’t be successful unless we work to make it that way, and a shared determination to do so.

The THL Employee Charitable Foundation is run by a rotating board of our THL team members. It is an important position that each team member looks forward to holding so they too can be part of the decision making process of directing our pooled resources towards causes they find important. This page is dedicated to the THL Team members that work so hard to make their community better and to those amazing charities, teams, and initiatives that we, as a team, proudly support.

If you have a donation request, please send all inquiries to


Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway 

Every year, TorHoerman Law organizes a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway for those who need it most in the Alton, IL community. In our most recent giveaway, we provided 500 turkeys to the community on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Many of our community members are not fortunate enough to afford a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The TorHoerman Law Annual Turkey Giveaway provides them this opportunity. We would not be able to put on this wonderful event without the support of our gracious donors. This event is close to our hearts as we fully believe in giving back to the community, and every dollar we raise goes to support this mission. If you’re interested in donating, please call 618-656-4400 or email Lindsey Andrews at


Teacher Support Grant

As an educator, how could you innovatively spend a $2,000 grant to improve your students’ educational experience?

Most of us have at least one friend or family member who has dedicated their life to educating our children; there are around 3.6 million full-time teachers in the United States. Did you know many of those teachers have had to use their own money to buy supplies for their students? These individuals are not required to do this but choose to anyway in order to ensure that their students have the best educational experience possible. On a teacher’s salary, which averages a modest $60k a year, buying expensive supplies for students is quite a sacrifice to make.

TorHoerman Law has decided to help our teachers with some of this burden. This year, the TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation will award one $2,000 grant to a local teacher to alleviate the costs of supplies.

We are now accepting applications. In addition to providing your information and answering the question, we ask that you upload a document detailing the item(s) you’re requesting, the cost of those item(s), and where those item(s) could be purchased.

Ex. NAME OF PRODUCT: Unhinged by Jansport Backpack, SKU: #567346691, PRICE: $29.88, STORE: Walmart

The grant is open to both public and private school, K-12 teachers in St. Clair and Madison counties. Applications will be accepted through August 1, and the grant will be awarded in September.

If you have any questions, please email Lindsey Andrews at


Edwardsville Neighbors

Established in 2010, Edwardsville Neighbors (formerly known as Neighbors in Need) is dedicated to supporting the Edwardsville community by assisting individuals and families in times of crisis. Through various fundraising events such as ‘The Taste of Edwardsville’ or the ‘Turkey Trot 5K,’ the organization is able to actively promote the organization and accept nominations for those in need.

“Through our efforts, Edwardsville Neighbors aspires to ease the burden of local families with various needs, while inspiring generosity and goodwill among the residents of the community,” Carie Terry, Edwardsville Neighbors board member said.

TorHoerman Law is a proud business sponsor of the organization. If you would like to learn more or donate to this incredible organization, please visit the Edwardsville Neighbors website.