About the TorHoerman Law Empoyee Foundation

The TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation was established as a non-profit to use our company’s unique resources to benefit the communities we live and work in through various philanthropic efforts. The Foundation provides the opportunity for the daily operations of the law firm to merge with philanthropic efforts in the community.

Run by a rotating board of TorHoerman Law team members, the TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation is made up of individuals who are committed to supporting our community through outreach, sponsorships, scholarships, and more.

The foundation is a way to ensure that our firm is as dedicated to helping the community as it is about serving our clients. As lawyers, we have a responsibility to work together to help our neighbors.

If you have a donation request, please send all inquiries to info@thlawyer.com. The Foundation cannot accept requests made less than 30 days before the event is set to take place.

Have questions or want additional information about the THL Employee Foundation? Contact us via phone or email info@thlawyer.com to learn about events that we are involved in, upcoming philanthropic efforts, organization coordination  & more.



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Current THL Employee Foundation Members

Sitting THL Employee Foundation members:

President: Tyler Schneider

Vice President: Jordan Terry

Secretary: Judy Lane

Treasurer: Liz Bruchauser

Director: Jackie Dunnavant