About the TorHoerman Law Law Student Clerkship & Scholarship Program

Each year, TorHoerman Law has committed to taking on at least one local university law student to get first hand legal experience working on our personal injury litigation team. As part of the paid clerkship program, students who successfully complete at least one year in a clerking role will receive a $1,000 to $2,000 scholarship to be awarded to their university financial department in the student’s name in order to offset the costs of school enrollment.

TorHoerman Law will be accepting new applicants in spring 2022.


Law School Student Scholarship

In addition to an hourly wage, the student selected for the clerk position will be eligible to receive a guaranteed scholarship of $1,000, paid to the University to offset the costs of enrollment, subsequent to completing his or her one year clerkship. The student must complete his or her clerkship position for one year before becoming eligible for the scholarship.

An additional $1,000 in discretionary scholarship would be awarded to any student who the firm’s partners have determined has excelled in his or her clerkship position, making the total available scholarship $2,000.

The student would have the opportunity to continue his or her clerkship after the initial one year period, if the firm’s partners & the student find the relationship agreeable. If the student were to continue his or her clerkship after the initial one year period, that student would again become eligible to receive at least $1,000 and up to $2,000 in scholarship funds the following year. The student would also continue to be paid at an hourly rate.


Legal Clerkship

This is a hybrid clerkship position – the student selected would work both remotely & in-person at our office in Edwardsville, IL. The student would have to commit to working a minimum number of hours per week (10) and be limited to a maximum number of hours per week (30). The student’s work schedule would be flexible around his or her school schedule and other commitments. The student would not need to meet the minimum working hours per week during testing periods, as long as prior notification was given.

Roles of the clerkship would be broad, generally assisting our team of plaintiff’s injury attorneys throughout the civil litigation process. Clerks may be asked to assist in legal research, legal writing, document preparation, plaintiff correspondence, trial preparation, or an array of other tasks related to our litigations.

Litigation areas that the clerk would be assisting in include:


The clerkship would include a salary of $15/hour, with maximum hours per week capped at 30 hours.

The clerkship will begin as soon as the application is reviewed, the applicant is interviewed and offer the position. The clerkship would continue throughout the summer break and through the next semester. The clerkship period would end and the student would be awarded his or her scholarship one year after the start of his or her clerkship.