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A car accident lawyer is in charge of seeing if you can legally obtain money for the losses you’ve suffered after an accident. If it’s viable, they’ll help you reach a financial settlement or verdict to compensate for the losses that you incurred as a result of the accident.

Most car crash lawsuits resolve in 6 months to 2 years. Further, a majority settle before ever going to court. Your attorney can give you the most precise estimate for your case.

It’s best to try an Instant Case Evaluation to see your options. If you’re within the statute of limitations and have evidence of your losses, you can benefit from calling an attorney.

Benefits of Hiring an O'Fallon Car Accident Lawyer

O’Fallon, a medium-sized city just north of Edwardsville, is not the same O’Fallon just past the river in Missouri.

This O’Fallon has a population of about 29,000 and is situated in St. Clair County, alongside cities such as Fairview Heights and Lebanon. O’Fallon, Illinois is widely admired for its parks, museums, and shopping centers. Unfortunately, the city suffers car accidents at similar rates to most other Illinois towns. A car accident can impact a person’s life in every way, so it’s always a good idea to call an O’Fallon car accident lawyer after a crash.

A car accident lawyer can help the victims of accidents get back the money lost due to an accident, which they might not otherwise receive. They do this by formulating an argument that demonstrates that the accident wasn’t their client’s fault, yet the client had to pay for things like medical bills or property damage. A strong case can lead to a large financial compensation.

Contact TorHoerman Law to learn how an experienced O’Fallon car accident lawyer can help you.


Car Accident Statistics for O’Fallon, Illinois

Illinois car crash data is notably covered by IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation). They provide statistics on age, cost, and location, among other car accident factors.

The following statistics come from IDOT and the National Safety Council:

  • National car accident rates dropped by 2% between 2018 and 2019.
  • October is the deadliest month in terms of traffic accidents. Saturday night is the most dangerous time to be on the roads, as there were more than 1,400 fatal crashes at this time in 2018.
  • The total costs of car accidents in the US each year exceeds $400 billion.
  • Car accident rates for Illinois decreased by 8% between 2017 and 2019.
  • Holidays often show huge spiked in the number of accidents that take place. On New Year’s, there are around 400 fatal crashes annually.
  • An estimated 15,000 lives are saved each year because of seatbelts.
  • Distracted driving, impairment from drugs or alcohol, and speeding are some of the most common causes of car accidents.
  • O’Fallon experiences fewer than 10 fatal car accidents each year.
  • You can only receive compensation for your losses by reaching out to an O’Fallon car accident lawyer.


The Most Dangerous Places to Drive in Illinois

A majority of car accidents happen because of poor behavior on the part of a driver. However, there are certain ‘hotspots’ where accidents are likely to take place.


Due to having multiple lanes and a high-speed limit, highways are the most dangerous place to drive.

Highway ramps

Ramps are an issue because both the driver on the ramp and the surrounding vehicles must coordinate any merging that’s about to happen. Such coordination can easily fail which results in an accident.

Parking lots

As much as 14% of traffic accidents happen in parking lots. It’s often that drivers don’t pay enough attention when pulling out of a spot, plus many cars are careless about regulating their speed in a parking lot.


Some drivers view backroads as a place where they can test their speed since nobody is around and the speed limit isn’t always clearly marked. It doesn’t help that a lot of backroads are windy and hilly which makes it hard to detect oncoming drivers.


Roads With The Most Car Accidents in O’Fallon, IL

These are the roads you should be especially careful on when driving in O’Fallon, Illinois:

  • Highway 64: Runs east and west through the city and is focal in traversing the southern part of O’Fallon.
  • Highway 50: Runs right through the middle of town from east to west.
  • Lincoln Ave: Runs north to south through the middle of town.
  • State St: Runs east to west just above Highway 50.
  • Air Mobility Dr: Splits off of Highway 50 and goes south.
  • Walmart Supercenter Parking Lot: Located on the western side of town, many accidents happen in such a large parking lot.
  • For accidents that happen on any of these roads, call an O’Fallon car accident lawyer.


What Does An O'Fallon Car Accident Lawyer Do?

An O’Fallon car accident lawyer has many responsibilities. Their overall goal is to help you receive money for the losses you’ve incurred from a car accident, as long as your case is viable. They do this by making an agreement out of court or pursuing compensation through an O’Fall car accident lawsuit.

An O’Fallon car accident lawyer will gather evidence, assess damages, and make a case to show liability falls on the defendant. Your lawyer will work to build a legally strong case against the accused party to maximize your potential compensation

We build the cases and get compensation so that you can focus on the important stuff – like recovery.

Filing An O'Fallon Car Accident Lawsuit

There are certain measures you can take to keep the legal process smooth and in order.

First, you should properly mitigate damages. The defendant could argue that you’ve let your injuries worsen to get more money in court. You can prevent this by taking reasonable care of your health, and your attorney can give you precise information on how to do this given your specific injuries. Next, make sure to keep all relevant evidence. Medical bills, names, dates, photos—anything that helps document how the car accident affected you will help your lawyer. Finally, don’t place blame on anybody.

Whether it’s right when the accident happens or months after, anything you publicly say about the car accident can be used against you in the civil lawsuit process. Let your lawyer represent you!


How Long Does A Car Accident Lawsuit Take?

An O’Fallon car accident lawsuit will probably take between 6 months and 2 years to settle.

It’s important to take action before the statute of limitations expires. The sooner it starts, the sooner it ends. The exact span of the lawsuit will depend on factors that are mostly out of your control, so as long as you’re cooperating with your attorney then you shouldn’t worry too much. The lawsuit will take longer if it doesn’t settle out of court, although a majority of car accident cases do.


TorHoerman Law, O'Fallon Car Accident Law Firm

The attorneys at TorHoerman Law have years of experience in personal injury litigation and specialize in car accident litigation. We operate on a contigency fee basis – so we don’t get paid until our clients do first.

By calling us, we can give you an initial assessment of your case and let you know what your options are. Call us at 1-888-508-6752 to schedule a free consultation today. You can also get an instant online case evaluation from out chatbot below – its free, easy to use, and gives you legal recommendations instantly.

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