Tesla Recall Lawsuit

Tesla Recall Lawsuit

Various models of Tesla electric vehicles are being recalled for seat belt chime and self-driving issues.

These are just the latest instances in a string of recalls from the electric vehicle giant.

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Recent recalls have included a December 2021 recall for rear view camera and trunk issues that affected 500,000 vehicles and a November 2020 recall for roof/assembly issues that affected around 10,000 vehicles.

If you suffered injuries or property damage as a result of Tesla defects or recalls, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Tesla’s service website and enter your 17-digit VIN number to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle.

Various issues discovered in different Tesla models have required some recalls.

Small issues can be easily fixed through software updates or a visit to a Tesla dealership.

Other issues, like autopilot mistakes that have led to crashes resulting in injuries and deaths, have garnered scrutiny from governmental agencies and the public.

Self-Driving Car Accident
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Self-Driving Car Accident

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Hiring a Tesla Recall Injury Lawyer

Our team of self-driving car accident lawyers is experienced and successful in defective products, personal injury, and product liability law.

We will work with you and your family to navigate the legal system to build the best case possible for your tesla recall lawsuit.

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We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t charge our clients until they earn compensation for their damages.

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Seat-belt Alert Recalls

817,000 Tesla vehicles have been recalled due to a seatbelt reminder alert not activating when the vehicle starts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put out a recall on various Tesla models because of an issue affecting the seat-belt alert system.

Tesla said that the seat-belt alert chime, which triggers when the vehicle starts and the driver or passenger are not buckled-in, would not sound due to certain circumstances.

These circumstances include the car being turned off while the chime was activated.

The chime will still activate when the car reaches a certain speed however.

Models affected by the recall include:

  • 2021-2022 Model S
  • 2021-2022 Model X
  • 2020-2022 Model Y
  • 2017-2022 Model 3

What Will Be Done About the Seat-belt Alert Recalls?

Tesla plans to introduce a software update to fix the issue.

Some vehicles have already had the “bug” fixed according to an NHTSA document.

“Rolling Stop” Feature Recall for Vehicles with Full Self-Driving (Beta) Software

Nearly 54,000 Tesla vehicles with the Full Self-Driving (Beta) software have been recalled due to a “rolling stop” feature that allows vehicles to drive through intersections without fully stopping.

Integrated in the new Full Self-Driving (Beta) Software installed in some vehicles by drivers, the autopilot rolling stop feature allows the vehicle to slow to a rolling, incomplete stop at four-way intersections when no vehicles or pedestrians are detected.

The NHTSA has raised issues with the feature, saying it violates multiple traffic laws in different states and puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk of collisions if the feature malfunctions.

The defect report put out by the NHTSA states that the feature allows users to roll through all-way intersections at a speed of up to 5.6mph if certain conditions are met, such as:

  • The intersection’s roads having speed limits of 30mph or less
  • No car or pedestrian traffic
  • Sufficient visibility

Tesla and the NHTSA are unaware of any injuries, accidents, or collisions resulting from the rolling-stop feature.

Models affected by the recall include those which have the Full Self-Driving (Beta) Software installed by the user.

Models in which the software is able to be installed and used include:

  • 2017-2022 Model 3
  • 2016-2022 Model X
  • 2020-2022 Model Y

What Will Be Done About the Tesla Rolling Stop Feature?

Tesla plans to release a software update to disable the feature from vehicles with the rolling stop feature.

What is Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (Beta) Software?

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (Beta) Software is not a completely autonomous/autopilot software, a driver must still be engaged with the vehicle and have their hands on the steering wheel.

However, the software does take control of the vehicle, making lane changes, turns, interstate exits and entrances, and more.

The software, which is still in development and used by drivers as a test/beta version, has come under scrutiny for dozens of reported issues including but not limited to the rolling stop feature.

Since 2016, there have been a reported 26 crashes and 11 deaths related to the use of autopilot on Tesla vehicles.

There have been reports of Tesla vehicles on autopilot not activating braking systems when approaching parked cars or emergency vehicles, resulting in multiple fatalities and serious injuries.

3 Potential Damages Resulting from Tesla Defects & Recalls

Damages from Tesla accidents and vehicle defects can range from property damage to personal injury and wrongful death.

The following three (3) items are examples of potential damages that can result from Tesla defects:

1. Property Damage

Injury to real or personal property through another’s negligence, willful destruction, or by some act of nature.

Tesla vehicles with autopilot capabilities can cause all sorts of property damage.

2. Personal Injury

Serious injuries can result from accidents involving Tesla vehicles, just like other car accidents.

The autopilot feature on Tesla vehicles has been linked to various accidents that have seriously injured occupants of the vehicle at fault and other vehicles on the road.

3. Wrongful Death

People have been killed in accidents involving Tesla vehicles at no fault of their own.

If a case meets certain criteria, a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed.

Examples of Legal Action Taken Against Tesla

Tesla has been involved in a number of lawsuits relating to both working conditions and discrimination in its facilities and actual defects on their vehicles.

Notable and recent lawsuits filed against Tesla:

Tesla Recall Lawsuit - Do I Qualify for Legal Action?

TorHoerman Law LLC is investigating the facts of the recall, causes of the recall, and resulting damages and injuries.

We are accepting clients for both injuries and property damages related to Tesla defects and recalls.

Contact TorHoerman Law or use our chatbot below to determine whether you qualify to participate in the Tesla recall lawsuit.

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