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Chlorpyrifos is the most popular pesticide in the United States. It has been used to kill several types of pests including termites, mosquitoes, and roundworms since the 1960s.

Chlorpyrifos exposure has been linked to a number of birth defects in children including ADHD, autism, brain cancer, down syndrome, endocrine disruption, premature death, seizure disorders, and severe developmental problems.

The EPA proposed a ban of chlorpyrifos in 2016 but reversed its decision in 2017 under the Trump administration.

The EPA has classified chlorpyrifos as a possible human carcinogen.

What is Chlorpyrifos?

Chlorpyrifos is the most popular pesticide in the United States. It has been used to kill several types of pests including termites, mosquitoes, and roundworms since the 1960s. The toxic chemical has been linked to a number of risks including birth injury risks such as the development of acute brain damage among children who were exposed prenatally or up to five years old.

The pesticide is currently undergoing registration review by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you or your young child have been exposed to Chlorpyrifos products, you should contact an experienced Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. You could be entitled to financial compensation through a Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer.


Where is it used?

Chlorpyrifos is a product with a highly regulated history. It has been widely restricted from household use but is largely utilized in the agricultural industry. Farmers use it to deter invasive insects from ruining their products. As for other uses, it can be found on golf courses, turf, utility poles, and fence posts.


What types of crops is it used on?

More than 1 million pounds of Chlorpyrifos are sprayed on crops across the nation each year. It is known to be used mostly on corn. However, it is sprayed on many other crops including but not limited to soybeans, peaches, apples, strawberries, cranberries, and walnuts.


Popular Brands

Lorsban is the market name for Chlorpyrifos. Studies have shown that exposure to this toxin among pregnant women may be to blame for their child’s mental or physical deficit. Corteva Inc. announced the end of Chlorpyrifos production by 2021, including Lorsban.

Dursban was banned by the EPA from commercial and residential use in 2001, due to health risks it posed to women and children. Companies with stockpiles of products containing Dursban are permitted to continue selling them until they run out.

Contains a Group 1B insecticide. Nufos is a restricted-use pesticide that must be utilized under the guidelines of its label and in accordance with the Worker Protection Standard.

Y-Tex Warrior Insecticidal Cattle Ear Tags are forty-percent Organophosphate ear tags that release a synergized formulation of diazinon and chlorpyrifos. This combination exhibits greater potency than either insecticide used alone.

Chlorpyrifos Exposure Risks

People who are living in agricultural communities are at an elevated risk of exposure, even if they do not spend time working out in the fields. Due to harsh wind blow over, anyone who lives within a reasonable distance of a field full of crops or other places where Chlorpyrifos may be used is in danger, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. If you live in an endangered community, contact a Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer today to find out what they can do for you.


Common Types of Exposure

As previously mentioned, there are several different locations and ways to have come in contact with Chlorpyrifos. You may have been in harm’s way without even realizing it. Whether you were knowingly exposed or incidentally exposed, you should reach out to a Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer to determine your best course of legal action.


Chlorpyrifos is considered moderately toxic through inhalation.

In studying the blood of pregnant women who were exposed to chlorpyrifos, researchers found their babies to have more developmental delays and disorders.

Insecticide drift can cause chemical residue to travel large distances and stick to foreign objects. Children can poison themselves by touching these items.

Who is at Risk?

Children and infants who were raised around crop fields that are routinely sprayed with Chlorpyrifos. Because the bodies of children break down chemicals differently, their exposure is potentially critical and could lead to severe brain damage.


Common Exposure Injuries

Chlorpyrifos; Birth Defects; Birth injuries; chemical exposure; Chlorpyrifos exposure; pesticide contamination; toxic chemical; carcinogen riskThe severity of injuries from Chlorpyrifos largely depends on the length of exposure and the age of the person who was exposed. Babies and young children suffer from the most critical injuries. Adults may suffer from injuries as well, but their immune systems are more developed and better able to fight the toxin.


Chlorpyrifos Birth Defects

Some but not all of the harmful birth defects caused by toxic pesticide consumption include:

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Brain Cancer
  • Down Syndrome
  • Endocrine Disruption
  • Premature Death
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Severe Developmental Problems

EPA Regulations & Actions

Since being registered more than fifty years, Chlorpyrifos has gone under review several times by the EPA for tolerance reassessment, reregistration, and is currently undergoing registration review.

In 2000, the registrants of Chlorpyrifos voluntarily entered an agreement with the EPA to eliminate, phase-out, and modify certain uses of the product. They focused on eliminating most household uses except ant and roach baits. Additionally, they decided to completely stop using the chemical on tomatoes and modified the permissible amount of residue on other crops. In 2002, implemented numerous safety measures to protect agricultural workers. The agency mandated the use of buffer zones to protect wildlife from a blow over and runoff. Also, it increased the amount of available personal protective equipment to mitigate the risk of those working in the field.

In 2017, the EPA denied a petition that requested the revocation of all pesticide tolerances (maximum residue levels in food) for Chlorpyrifos and cancel all Chlorpyrifos registrations. The EPA intends to complete its latest registration review by the statutory deadline of October 1, 2022.


Chlorpyrifos Birth Injury Lawsuit

All across the country, Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawsuits against the developers of the pesticide are gaining traction. Despite the tangible evidence linking Chlorpyrifos products to life-altering birth defects, the EPA rejected a ban on them. Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawsuits can provide financial compensation to aid your suffering.

Your Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawsuit eligibility largely depends on your living situation. If you live near a field of crops that are regularly treated with Chlorpyrifos and your child has been exposed to the chemical from pregnancy up to age five, you should discuss your case specifics with a legal representative. Furthermore, if you meet the previous two requirements and your child has suffered any neurological deficit, you should contact an attorney immediately.


Filing a Chlorpyrifos Lawsuit

The civil lawsuit process can be excruciatingly time-consuming and overwhelming to those who are already dealing with coping with traumatic personal injuries. While a lawsuit will not erase your injury, the awarded compensation can greatly improve your quality of life. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that you have an experienced Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer by your side to shoulder all of the legal obligations for you. Plaintiffs can dramatically increase the amount of potential compensation by proving that they attempted to mitigate their injuries before filing the lawsuit.

You do not have to suffer through your injuries without any compensation. Additionally, you do not have to fight your legal battle by yourself. Contact a professional Chlorpyrifos lawyer at TorHoerman Law Firm today to find out what they can do for you.



Hiring a Chlorpyrifos Birth Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is not a decision that should not be made without research and caution. You should rest assured that your legal representative is experienced in the specific areas that your potential lawsuit pertains to. Your Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer will have many tasks to handle on your behalf, so it is important that you are being represented as best as possible.

One of the most important factors in any personal injury lawsuit is the assessment of the damages that you have suffered. Damages, compensatory or punitive, can include anything from pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of physical or mental capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. You and your Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer will work together to determine which damages you have suffered and calculate an appropriate compensation amount for you to seek in court.

Another important piece in personal injury lawsuits is the evidence. You should gather any and all evidence that will either support your statements or dispute your opponents’ claims. Some examples of tangible evidence include photos or videos, medical records, witness statements, etc. For any lawsuit, you should begin collecting evidence immediately.

Lastly, you and your Chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer will need to prove the liability of another party for the injury or damages that you have suffered. Personal injury liability is the determining factor for insurance settlements and personal injury lawsuit decisions, so it is crucial to identify the correct responsible party.



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