Florissant Truck Accident Lawyer

Florissant Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident in or around Florissant, MO, you may be eligible for compensation for the injuries and other losses that you incurred.

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Truck Accident Lawsuits in Florissant, MO

Florissant is a large town in northern St. Louis County.

It is an eclectic city that is popular for its parks, restaurants, and affordable living.

The highways around Florissant offer fast access to other St. Louis cities but at the cost of frequent traffic accidents.

If you have suffered a truck crash in the area, you can benefit from the services of a Florissant truck accident lawyer.

A truck accident attorney can win you money for the injuries and other damages you sustained in the accident. They do this by building a legal case to carry out a lawsuit. A successful lawsuit or out-of-court settlement will mean you receive compensation for your losses. On this page, you will learn about the civil lawsuit process and why you may want to speak with a lawyer.

Florissant Truck Accident Statistics

  • Each year, Florissant experiences 4 fatal traffic accidents on average. However, fatal accidents involving trucks are rare in Florissant.
  • Fatal truck accidents are most likely to happen in the early afternoon and on weekdays.
  • Interstate-10 is the most dangerous road in the country for truck drivers.
  • 21% of truck drivers involved in fatal accidents have at least one prior speeding conviction. Passenger car drivers are at nearly the same rate.
  • Failing to yield the right of way is the most common cause of fatal truck accidents. The other main causes are speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence.
  • Between 2015 and 2017, there were more than 10,000 fatal truck accidents in the US.
  • The most dangerous roads for trucks are rural roads and interstate highways.
  • Compensation may come to those who seek the help of a Florissant truck accident lawyer.

Florissant’s Most Dangerous Roads for Driving

Despite being rather urban, there are plenty of driving hazards in Florissant that require special attention.

Fast, multi-lane highways are the primary culprit.

Pay attention when on these Florissant roads:

  • Highway 270. This highway runs in the east-west direction through Florissant but runs north-south if you continue on. It is almost always crowded and has constant merging vehicles.
  • Manchester Road. Manchester is infamous when it comes to navigating St. Louis County. It is one of the most dangerous roads as thousands of businesses are situated directly off of Manchester.
  • Lindbergh Boulevard. Lindbergh is long and fast. It goes all through St. Louis with continual speed changes and stoplights. It is a mini-Manchester Road.
  • Highways 70 and 170. These highways are pretty standard, and many use them to go to and from the downtown area.
  • New Florissant Road and Charbonier Road. This pair runs directly through Florissant. They aren’t as fast as the highways, but they are main roads that drivers should be cautious of.

Am I Eligible for a Florissant Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Injury lawsuits are perhaps the most reliable method of obtaining money for the suffering caused by another person.

A lawsuit can award you compensation for physical, emotional, psychological, or financial damages. Nonetheless, this sort of legal action has requirements that not all cases meet.

One of the main things you should consider is the statute of limitations.

It’s essentially a time cap on how long after your truck accident you can file a lawsuit (two years in Missouri, but there are exceptions).

There are also things that can hurt your case, though, such as revealing legal information to outside parties or failing to mitigate your damages.

It is always recommended to contact a Florissant truck accident law firm even if you fear that you don’t have a case.

The worst that happens is they tell you a lawsuit is currently not your best option.

Benefits of Hiring a Florissant Truck Accident Lawyer

Your insurance company probably will not cover all the costs of your truck accident.

You may then be stuck covering the costs on things like medical bills and property damage.

Moreover, some damages are difficult to give a financial value to (emotional suffering or lost time, for example).

In the fight for compensation, your Florissant truck accident lawyer will compile your damages, calculate their value, and try to win you an appropriate settlement using their legal powers.

When you begin the lawsuit process, you will give all relevant evidence to your attorney.

They will use this evidence to start building a case about liability.

Their overall goal is to show the court or the insurers that the truck crash was not your fault, yet you were stuck paying for it in certain ways.

A strong case will land you a corresponding financial settlement.

Many truck accident victims are hit financially before they can call a law firm.

If this is you, consider using a contingency fee law firm—they will not charge you unless they win your case.

How Long Does a Florissant Truck Accident Lawsuit Take?

Truck accident cases, like many other areas of personal injury, often take between one and two years to settle.

A number of factors can affect the length that are out of the plaintiff’s control.

If your lawyer can negotiate an out-of-court settlement then the case may be over in just months.

If the court is busy and it’s a complicated lawsuit, it will likely take longer.

Fortunately, your attorney can usually provide a more accurate estimate once the lawsuit process begins.

It is always best to take action sooner rather than later in truck crash situations.

Florissant, MO Truck Accident Liability

One of the most important aspects of a strong truck accident case is liability.

The truck accident might have really damaged your quality of life, but both the insurance companies and courts need to know that it wasn’t your fault if you want to help guarantee compensation.

This is when evidence is crucial: photos, dates, driving speeds, bills, and so on.

These details should come together to show that someone else is responsible for the accident.

In Missouri and Illinois, the court will decide whose fault the crash was.

If they determine it was 30% your fault, then 30% of your proposed compensation is deducted.

Call TorHoerman Law, Florissant Truck Accident Law Firm

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my Florissant truck accident lawsuit worth?

    The value of each truck accident case is different.

    It depends on the damages of your crash, and you can ask a lawyer to assess those damages.

  • How long does a Florissant truck accident claim take?

    Most truck accident cases last one or two years total.

    Out-of-court settlements can take as little as several months, while a lawsuit may take longer.

  • How does truck accident compensation work?

    The court will make a ruling about how much of the accident was your fault if at all.

    This percentage is then deducted from the proposed compensation.

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