TorHoerman Law Scholarship"End Distracted Driving" Essay Contest

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TorHoerman Law Scholarship – End Distracted Driving Essay

As part of the TorHoerman Law Scholarship Program, THL is hosting our third annual scholarship essay competition. In accordance with our “End Distracted Driving” campaign, student contestants will be asked to discuss the dangers of distracted driving and what steps our society can take to put an end to this issue. The student with the best overall response will receive $1,000 to go towards their education costs.

Contestants can choose to submit either a written essay OR a video response to our essay topic prompt.

Contestants must provide PDF proof of Fall 2021 enrollment at an accredited university. This may include an acceptance letter, a class schedule, or another enrollment document. Documents must be dated and include the student’s name and university. The scholarship will be sent directly to the Bursar Department at the student’s university.

Students are limited to one submission each.

Important Dates

Submission Opens March 1st, 2021
Submission Closes May 1st, 2021
Winner Announced June 2021

Essay Topic

Society preaches “don’t drink and drive”, “hand over your keys if you have been drinking”, and “always have a sober driver”. The result? If a friend were under the influence you wouldn’t hesitate to offer to drive him or her home. Texting while driving is comparable to drinking four beers and then driving. If while driving, your friend is texting, scrolling social media, browsing hi or her playlist, etc. what would you do, and why? Even though texting while driving can be just as dangerous as drinking while driving, why do we as a society accept it? What can we do to change this acceptance?

Winner Information

Winner Notification The winner will be contacted via the contact information provided.
Public Announcement A winner announcement will be made across the TorHoerman Law social media platform.
Winning Essay The winning essay or video responce will be posted online on the TorHoerman Law News Page.
Eligibility The scholarship is available to all incoming college freshmen and current college students.
Judging Process Essays and video responses will be judged by a panel of TorHoerman Law employees. Response scores will be based on content, creativity, factual accuracy, style, grammar, and originality. Responses should contain only original content.
Prize $1,000

Essay Requirements

  • 750-1000 word response to the “essay topic”
  • Original ideas supported by facts
  • Citations for any referenced material
  • 12 point font – double spaced
  • Saved as a .doc or .pdf file

Video Response Guide

Videos should be an approximately 3-5 minutes long response to the “essay topic”. Use original materials only.  Do not use any copyrighted materials in your video unless you have permission to do so.

Videos should be uploaded to YouTube. After they are uploaded, copy the link to the video on the submission form.

Include citations for any referenced material in the YouTube video description.

Submission Form

Scholarship Form
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB

DISCLAIMER: The winner of the TorHoerman Law Scholarship Foundation Essay Contest will be asked to provide a headshot for promotional purposes. The winner’s name, headshot and a short bio will be shared on the blog page, as well as across all TorHoerman Law social media platforms. The winning essay will be shared on the TorHoerman Law website.

QUESTIONS or CONCERNS: Email the TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation at for any questions involving directions, rules, or formatting.