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Referring Attorneys and Press Requests

Having spent many years working in personal injury litigation both on the defense side and the plaintiff’s side, I never thought that I would have established a niche in complex toxic tort, drug and device litigation. I did not set out to be a mass tort lawyer, but fate has brought me here, and I love what I do.

Mass Tort cases are very complex, expensive and time consuming. I have certainly taken my knocks and gained valuable experience in these last 8 years. I hope to be able to utilize what I have learned and the successes I have had to benefit us in a co-counsel and/or referral relationship, so that you can continue to focus on your successful practices.

On this page you will find the most up to date information on the cases we are actively pursuing. I truly believe that my firm provides the best place for great client service (something we value very strongly), and great results (which I think speak for themselves). 

Moreover, it is very difficult to figure out where to refer a case that you do not find on this list. Over the years we have developed close relationships with other mass tort firms across the country. My firm is also happy to provide a service to our referring attorneys to help them find the RIGHT firm for a particular case. We will let you know which firm we believe will provide the best home for that case.

I appreciate you visiting this page and reading this information. I also look forward to talking to you candidly about any case that you believe is a mass tort type case. 

If you are a member of the press that is interested in gaining more information about any of our areas of litigation, please feel free to contact me as well.  I welcome the opportunity to get our message of justice for people out through the media.

As always, I greatly appreciate you considering my firm,


  • BIRTH DEFECTS - The most widely prescribed antidepressants (including Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and others) have been linked to birth defects as well as autism when the expecting mother innocently takes these pills during pregnancy.
  • VAGINAL MESH/BLADDER SLING medical device that is generally used to repair weakened or damaged tissues doing irreparable damage as a result of edges that pierce the surrounding tissue of the bladder, uterus, or bowel. 
  • ACTOS - A popular medication used to control Type2 diabetes is linked to increased risk of bladder cancer.
  • TOPAMAX  -Linked to fetal harm when administered to pregnant women.  Popular medication prescribed for epilepsy, migraines, alcoholism and weight loss.  The generic version of Topiramate carries the same risks.
  • PRADAXA - Popular blood-thinning medicine linked to 260 deaths. 
  • ACCUTANE  - Serious GI issues have been tied to the use of Accutane, a popular Acne medication,  - including Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.  Both can be life threatening. 
  • YAZ - The top-selling birth control pill in the U.S.  Along with Yasmin and Ocella, carries a higher blood clot risk than other birth control pills which can be dangerous or even fatal for some women.
  • DIACETYL - Diacetyl is the compound used in food products that gives butter its characteristic taste.  Exposure to Diacetyl leaves workers and consumers with a severe, disabling and potentially lethal lung disorder. 
  • FOSAMAX, BONIVA AND OTHER OSTEOPOROSIS DRUGS - Osteoporosis drugs taken to prevent bone fracture may cause rare, but critical fractures of their own.  
  • BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT - The manufacturer of Brazilian Blowout has made millions of dollars while unfairly exposing stylists to harmful chemicals - putting them at risk of developing severe respiratory symptoms.
  • LEVAQUIN - a Fluoroquinolone Antimicrobial Drug used by adults as a lung, sinus, skin and urinary tract infection treatment found to increase risk of developing tendonitis and tendon rupture.  
  • TRASYLOL - a protein administered during some types of heart surgeries used to slow or prevent bleeding. Trasylol was pulled from the market after it was found to increase risk of kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and other serious adverse events.
  • GADOLINIUM - a contrast dye injection used as a routine part of MRI scans which can result in serious, even lethal, problems in patients with kidney problems.
  • ZELNORM - a drug used to treat severe, chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) pulled from the market after it was determined to lead to angina, heart attack, stroke or intestinal ischemia. 

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of exposure to or the taking of any of these drugs or toxic substances, please contact an attorney at TorHoerman Law LLC at 1-888-50-TORLAW

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