Brentwood Truck Accident Lawyer

Brentwood Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident in Brentwood, MO that resulted in injury, property damages, or other costs, you may be entitled to compensation for those losses.

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Brentwood, MO Truck Accidents

Brentwood is a small city in St. Louis County located just west of Forest Park.

The town has a population of just 8,000 but is densely packed for its 2-square mile size.

Brentwood has many fast and dangerous roads, which means traffic accidents are common in the area.

If you are someone you know has suffered a truck accident in Brentwood or the surrounding area, you can benefit from contacting a Brentwood truck accident lawyer.

An attorney from TorHoerman Law can help you gain money for the damages sustained in the crash.

They do this by building a legal case that shows what happened and why you should be compensated.

A strong Brentwood truck accident lawsuit will award you a large settlement for your losses.

Continue reading to learn about the civil lawsuit process and how to get started with your financial recovery.

Truck Accident Facts and Statistics

Accidents that involve trucks happen every day worldwide.

These types of crashes are especially problematic in the United States where it’s normal to own a personal vehicle. compiled the following truck accident stats:

  • Despite certain increases from year to year, fatal truck accidents have significantly decreased since 1980; they have declined by 16% since then.
  • Truck crashes happen 27% less often than accidents that do not involve trucks.
  • Large trucks are nearly three times as likely to be struck from the rear than passenger vehicles.
  • in 91% of head-on collisions between a truck and a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicle cross over the median into the lane of the truck.
  • Around 75% of fatal truck-car crashes are the fault of the car driver.
  • In 2017, 20% of fatal truck accidents involved truck drivers with an excessive blood alcohol level. Other main causes of truck accidents include distracted driving, reckless driving, visibility issues, and weather.
  • Unless you represent yourself, only a Brentwood truck accident lawyer can use the legal system to win you compensation.

Handling a Truck Crash in Brentwood, MO: Prevention and Aftermath

Truck accidents can be terrifying to deal with.

They often involve multiple vehicles, cause injuries, and damage property.

In fact, the trucking industry spends an estimated $10 billion on safety each year.

You can help prevent truck accidents by taking the following precautions:

  • Keep a safe distance from nearby trucks on the road. It is especially important not to linger alongside a truck due to their blind spots.
  • Adjust your speed for trucks changing lanes. Trucks cannot change their speed as easily as cars.
  • If you are a truck driver, keep your vehicle properly maintained. Simple malfunctions are capable of inciting fatal crashes.
  • Call authorities if you notice a car or truck driving sporadically. Getting unfit drivers off the road is a fast and necessary way of preventing disaster.

If you do suffer a truck crash, take these steps:

  • pull your vehicle off the road
  • check yourself and others for injuries
  • call for help
  • document the scene.

Once you are home and safe, contact your insurance company.

They will process the information from the accident and will let you know what costs they can cover.

Finally, call a Brentwood truck accident lawyer.

Many types of damages are not covered by your insurance but can be paid by filing a Brentwood truck accident lawsuit.

Benefits of Hiring a Brentwood Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck crash can leave you suffering physically, emotionally, and financially.

Some damages are straightforward and maybe even quite cheap, while others are harder to quantify yet very costly.

A Brentwood truck accident lawyer can make sense of these damages along with the rest of the accident, their goal being to win you compensation in court or, preferably, through pretrial settlement.

Upon calling an attorney, you will get a review of your legal options. A lawsuit is not always the right move.

If it turns out you are eligible and your lawyer is on board, the compensation process will begin.

One of the first things that happen is you will give all evidence you have to your lawyer.

They will use the evidence to help demonstrate liability and to calculate damages.

You can only settle if the evidence shows that the accident was not your fault, or at least not entirely your fault.

Fortunately, a majority of truck accident cases settle before going to court.

This will make the entire process shorter and simpler.

Common Brentwood, MO Truck Accident Damages

Damages are essentially the ways that the truck accident negatively affected you or your belongings.

Common damages include the following:

  • Medical bills: emergency care, therapy, medication, medical devices, etc.
  • Emotional distress: PTSD, depression, other psychological difficulties
  • Loss of use: changes to your lifestyle as a result of the injury
  • Lost wages: losing the ability to go to work
  • Property damage: broken or impaired belongings such as your vehicle, cell phone, etc.

Am I Eligible for a Brentwood Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Not all cases are fit for legal action.

Eligible cases generally can show that the accident was not your fault.

You also must be within the statute of limitations.

There are exceptions to every lawsuit requirement, so it is recommended you speak to a lawyer who can take a deeper look at your situation.

Lastly, it will help the strength of your case if you can continue mitigating damages—that is, taking proper care of your injuries so that their severity is correct in a potential lawsuit.

How Long Will My Brentwood Truck Accident Case Take?

Most truck accident lawsuits last between six months and two years.

Settling out of court often shortens the length of your case, whereas complicated lawsuits tend to last longer.

Many potential plaintiffs are concerned that legal fees will amount over time.

Choosing a personal injury law firm that uses a contingency fee system will allow you to move forward with the legal process without worrying about paying legal fees.

Your lawyer should give you an idea early on about how long your case may take.

This is, of course, subject to change, but a dedicated attorney will keep you updated throughout the process.

Contact TorHoerman Law, Brentwood Truck Accident Lawyer

You don’t have to fight for your financial recovery alone.

The team at TorHoerman Law is experienced in truck accident litigation and knows the struggle of finding help.

At our firm, you can expect consistent care both personally and in your lawsuit.

You can arrange a free, no-obligation consultation by calling us at (314) 325-1369 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I file a Brentwood truck accident lawsuit?

    Not all truck accident cases are suitable for trial.

    To find out if you’re eligible, you can try an online Instant Case Evaluation or contact one of the offices at TorHoerman Law.

  • Does a Brentwood truck accident lawsuit take long?

    Most truck accident settlements take around one or two years to complete.

    It could be less or could be more, depending on the details of your case.

  • How much compensation can I receive for a truck accident in Brentwood, MO?

    The amount of compensation you can win for a truck accident is determined by the damages you’ve suffered.

    If the accident affected you more severely, the compensation will be higher. You must also win the case.

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