Chesterfield Truck Accident Lawyer

Chesterfield Truck Accident Lawyer: Navigating The Roads in Chesterfield

Sometimes getting in a traffic accident is unavoidable.

Everything is going smoothly when you hear a loud noise, are jostled off balance and feel the sudden expansion of the airbag.

The world changes in a flash, and you realize it wasn’t a car but a truck beside you.

This kind of experience shakes everyone involved and often costs thousands in damages.

Chesterfield, Missouri has several highways where trucks like to linger.

Don’t be hesitant about driving on the highway.

Truck accidents are best reconciled with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Read up on truck safety, and don’t forget that TorHoerman Law may be able to serve you as your Chesterfield truck accident lawyer.

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Truck Crash Statistics For Chesterfield, Missouri

Whether you’re driving alongside a semi-truck or operating it yourself, large vehicles like trucks add an extra layer of danger to the roads.

Their size limits their ability to stop, they often have limited visibility, and their loads can make a crash much more severe.

Here are some statistics that may surprise you:

  • In 2015 in Missouri, truck-type vehicles were involved in more than 100 fatalities and more than 2,000 injuries from accidents.
  • Crashes are statistically high on holiday weekends. In Missouri, the most dangerous holidays for driving are the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
  • Truck accidents occur more often in urban areas than in rural areas. Chesterfield is suburban but connected to many urban cities.
  • The average truck weighs about 15% more than a car of its same size classification (i.e., midsize car vs. midsize truck).
  • More than 70% of freight transported in the U.S. is on trucks. This is 10.5 billion tons of freight.

You can see that trucks are a common and necessary tool for upholding a variety of industries in the U.S.

Despite their commonplace nature, many are still unaware of the dangers associated with a tractor-trailer.

Being aware of these numbers can encourage you and others to maximize safe driving habits and to appreciate the utility of commercial vehicles.

For Missouri drivers, a Chesterfield truck accident lawyer can help you fully recover from an accident.

What Causes A Truck Accident?

Many accidents are the result of negligent driving but also unforeseen circumstances.

Below are some common causes of truck accidents:

  • Time of day. Driving early in the morning and late at night are less safe than during the day. Drivers are tired, visibility is worse, and there are more vehicles on the road.
  • Vehicle malfunction. Trucks and cars alike require maintenance. Failure to keep your vehicle in good shape can result in faulty engines, running out of fuel, burned-out lights, or battery issues. Some maintenance issues are illegal to drive with and increase the chance of an accident.
  • Icy roads. Chesterfield endures intense winters, often leaving ice on the roads. Trucks can easily lose control when driving on ice. Black ice, a transparent layer of ice, is even more difficult to detect.
  • Construction. Urban roads are a frequent site of construction. This means one or more lanes may be closed without prior warning. Disregard closed lanes is highly dangerous for the driver, surrounding vehicles, and construction workers.
  • Overpacked trucks. Each state’s department of transportation has guidelines for truckload limits. Disobeying these guidelines can cause trucks to flip or lose their load while driving.

Missouri Truck Safety and Guidelines

Trucks play a crucial role in the transportation of goods in a variety of industries, but they can also disturb multiple lanes on a highway in a matter of seconds.

By knowing the difficulties and risks of driving large vehicles, you can behave safely on the roads and minimize the risk of an accident.

Here are some ways to prevent and deal with a truck accident:

  • When driving, stay as far away from the truck as possible. 100ft for every 10mph is ideal.
  • Make consistent and accurate use of your turn signals to avoid a collision by changing lanes.
  • Take note of the truck’s driving habits. If they are sticking to one lane and keeping a constant speed, you can follow standard safety procedures. If they are frequently slowing down, changing lanes, or swerving, get away from them as soon as possible. If their behavior is especially unsafe, call the police.
  • Don’t drive directly alongside a truck.
  • Truck accident victims are expected to mitigate damages.
  • If you see a truck trying to merge, safely adjust your speed accordingly.
  • In the event of an accident, pull your car to the side of the road and activate your hazard lights if possible. Make sure everyone is okay and dial 911.
  • If a loved one is killed in a truck accident, you may want to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Legal Truck Requirements for Chesterfield, MO

Each state has its own driving regulations.

You could be breaking the law without even knowing it, which would hurt your case after an accident.

Here are some Missouri laws you should know:

  • The truck apron is the paved area on the inside of a roundabout. Due to their size and turning capabilities, only trucks can drive in the truck apron.
  • Trucks registered at over 24,000 pounds and without rear fenders must have mud flaps.
  • Trucks registered at over 12,000 pounds will receive one license plate which must be put on the front of the truck.
  • Trucks and busses must stay at least 300ft behind other trucks and busses unless passing.
  • The Missouri Vehicle Route Map shows where large and heavy trucks are allowed to travel.

For more info and legal guides for Missouri, read about premises liability, contingency fee, bellwether trials, and multidistrict litigation.

What Does A Truck Accident Lawsuit Look Like?

Getting in an accident is scary, but the aftermath can be just as stressful.

Who do I speak with? How do I recover lost time and damages? Don’t worry, a Chesterfield truck accident lawyer is ready and waiting to help.

Much of the legal aftermath of a truck accident has to do with who is liable.

Maybe you think the crash was not your fault at all and that you should be fully compensated for all the damages.

Even if this is the case, you won’t be able to just pick up the phone and receive a check in the mail.

You need to speak with a Chesterfield truck accident lawyer who can investigate and make legal sense of the situation.

Upon consulting a personal injury attorney, they can gather evidence, coordinate the cost of compensatory or punitive damages, and fight for you in court.

They may discover information that makes your case stronger than you thought.

In Missouri, truck accident compensation is based on the percentage of fault deemed by the court.

If the court rules that the accident was 50% your fault, then 50% of the damages will be awarded to you.

Only after this percentage has been determined you can receive compensation for your proposed damages.

Hurry before the statute of limitations expires.

TorHoerman Law is The Chesterfield Truck Accident Lawyer For You

Don’t be afraid to take your life back after a truck accident.

The experienced attorneys at TorHoerman Law are the ones who will win your case.

Contact us at (314) 325-1369 for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are trucks more dangerous than cars?

    Because of their size, some trucks can do more damage than a regular car. You have to be more careful driving near a truck.

  • What can a truck accident lawyer do for me after a crash?

    Personal injury lawyers gather facts about the accident in order to build a case and earn you the proper compensation.

  • Was the truck accident my fault?

    Recall as many details as you can about the accident.

    Then speak with your insurance company and a truck accident lawyer to figure out exactly whose fault the accident was.

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